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Help against an elvish alliance.

Blade's blade

Oct 23, 2019
Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

Sunny and Najo's guide has been invaluable to me as I only started playing 8th recently (I mainly play Horus Heresy having not played Fantasy since the Lizardmen / Brettonian edition (5th?))

I've only played against High elves to date and have had pretty even results once I worked out to keep my terrorgheist safe. Currently in a campaign and have a significant battle this weekend against an allied force of High Elves (3250) and Wood Elves (870) in a straight up pitched battle.

I have my own force of Vampire Counts (3050) and command of my allies Vampire Counts (1600) as well as a 300pt Garrison of troops. The lists are fixed from the previous encounters so I cant change anything (besides what to take as my garrison) so I'm just after some pointers to take down their worrysome units with what I have available. He has some decent damage dealing characters whilst my Strigoi blender is permanently dead :( I dont have any magic items at all so no crutches and a s you can see some surviving units who are essentially chaff now.

My force:

Master Necro Lvl 4 L o Vamps
Master Necro Lvl 4 L o Vamps, Master of the Dead

Necro Lvl 2 Lore of Death (Hates High Elves :)
Necro Lvl 2 L o Vamps
Necro Lvl 2 L o Vamps, Master of the Dead
Necro Lvl 1 L o Vamps
Necro Lvl 1 L o Vamps, Corpsecart w Balefire
Vampire Hero, additional hand weapon, Red Fury LVL 2 L o Vamps


40 Crypt Ghouls w Champ
30 Grypt Ghouls w Champ
6 Dire Wolves w Doom Wolf
6 Dire Wolves w Doom Wolf
1 Doom Wolf (survivor)
42 Zombies w command
42 Zombies w command
6 Zombies w command
26 Skeletons w full command, spears
26 Skeletons w full command, spears


10 Black Knights w full command, lances, barding
4 Black Knights w full command, lances, barding
9 Crypt Horrors w champ
30 Grave Guard w full command, HW & Shields
3 Bat Swarms
6 Fell Bats
5 Hexwraiths w full command
1 Hexwraith (but he's a champ)


2 Terrorgheists (Infested)

For the 300pt garrison im thinking of one giant unit of skellies run as a horde but open to advice (has to be core) to tarpit the silverhelm bus.

The High Elves (who entirely mounted or flying!!!) have the following:


Anointed of Asuryan on Frost Phoenix
Archmage LVL 4 Lore of Death, Horse
Prince on Star Dragon, Talisman of Preservation
Prince on Horse, Enchanted Shield, Ogre Blade (taken from the corpse of my old lord :( )


Mage Lvl 2 High Magic, Channeling Rod, Horse
Noble, Battle Standard Bearer, BANNER OF THE WORLD DRAGON, Horse


5 Elryian Reavers, champion, bow and spear
5 Elryian Reavers, champion, bow and spear
28 Silver Helms (yes 28) full command


8 Dragon Princes w full command


Flamespyre Phoenix
Great Eagle

Wood Elves:

Spellweaver Lvl 4, Lore of Life, Talisman of Preservation


20 Glade Guard w full command and Swiftshiver Shards
20 Eternal Guard w full command

So main concern is how to deal with the Silverhelm bus which will contain BOTWD, a prince, the mages....

Then the usual nuisance of the phoenixes and the Star Dragon which I haven't faced before.

Where do i put the vampire?

Should i be scared of the glade guard shooting?

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long post