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Help me make a 2400 point list...

Sep 7, 2014
Hi guys,
I'm new here. Been playing Ogres for about 2 years now and I'm ready to start a new army.
I have 2 battalions of Bretonnia at home that I don't really have a purpose for. So I thought why not start playing VC mixed with the Bretonnia models painted as undead, spectral beings.

I'm looking to build a fixed allcomers list that doesn't need tailoring. 2400 points and ETC legal. At the local gameclub we play on a competitive level so the list may be as hard as possible. Since I only play at the local gameclub or at home I plan on using Mantic zombies.

As for now I own 16 Bret knights (could and should buy 8 more) and around 50 M@A which will be painted in a spectral colourscheme so they can be fielded as Black Knights and Skellies.

The list I had in mind would be something like this:

-Vampire Lord on spectral steed. A strong CC lord that has some good defense
-Vampire on spectral steed.
-Necromancer (maybe also on steed so he can join the 2nd rank in knight bus)

-50 skellies (M@A), FC, screaming banner - 305 (should I take spears?)
-30 zombies - 90
-30 zombies - 90 (should 30 be enough)
-30 zombies - 90
-5 Dire wolfs - 40 (Do you really need these guys? I hate the models)
-5 Dire Wolfs - 40

-14 Black Knights, barding, lance, FC, banner of the barrow + characters - 414
-5 Black Knights, barding, lance, musician (standard maybe?) - 130
-5 Black Knights, barding, lance, musician - 130
-3 Vargheist, champ - 148
-3 vargheist, champ - 148
-3x Spirit host - 135

-Terrorgheist - 225

This is 1985 points so 415 points left without characters. What shoould I do different and where would you make some cuts?
Any form of feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Apr 28, 2013
Drop the 2 extra units of 5 BK. ure gonna need those points in your character building.
It looks as if you want to go for speed. BK, Vargheists, TG.... drop screaming banner and take banner of swiftness. this gives your skellietarpit more chance to keep up and succesfully charge (should u need to) with your bus.
Maybe drop a unit of zombies and increase 1 to 50. this will be a serious tarpit and try to increase its numbers asap.
Maybe add another 5 wolves. you will love them for redirecting, blocking charges and harassing. together with the tarpits they probably are your most important units. theyre like the spirit hosts. annoying and irritating.
field the 3 hosts separately. dont make 1 unit of it. so 3x1, much better results.

Btw, keep your skellies sword&shield and preferably 5wide and 10 deep. same goes for zombies.

I dont know about ETC rules but i bet they have somekind of lame restriction on your vampirelord. Red Fury is what you want most. if youre not allowed to combine it with Quickblood, go for a magicweapon like Ogre Blade.
Nightshroud is also pretty mandatory... either on ur lord or on the supporting hero. You might want to switch the babyvamp for a WightKing-bsb. harder to kill and benefits from banner of the barrows.
Sep 7, 2014
Thanks for the reply. Tomorrow i'll update the list.
For now, what do you think about this paintscheme? I'ts not done very good, just a quick test.


Jul 15, 2011
The cool thing is your building a list very similar to what i'm currently working on. However, prehaps suggest looking at the Undead Legions for your army instread of traditional Vamps. This gives you access to skeleton archers and if you've got the Brett battalions then it'll give you a use for the peasant archers.

I do agree with the above about the 5 man unit of Black knights, i'd say either lump them together and get your moneys worth or invest in some more character buffing. Additionally if you didn't like the Dire wolves you could swap for some TK Skeleton archers..they're roughly the same poitns value and more shooiting..although terrible shooting i do add :tongue:

the painting scheme I think works for the Men at Arms..gives it an etherealy feel..however, you've got Bretts!, my main force is a brettonian army...give them some colour! :) I think the colour for the knight himself works but I'd maybe ive one atest with the mount getting a dash of colour. I mean, they may be dead but they can still be fabulous lol.