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Help vs WE

Jan 11, 2008
I have a match(2,250 points) coming up at my local store and its going to be vs a WE player who loves the forest spirit style lists. I've only seen him in action once, and he totally blew the other guy out of the water and got a M on the victory chart. I'm thinking my only chance to win this battle is to just go as magic heavy as possible but that is where I'm having my questions. Try for heavy magic phase or try to max out on magic weapons for CC.

Someone recommended that I take an all necromancer army and just go crazy in each of my magic phases, but I'm wondering if that would be good seeing how in his last game he was charging on turn 2. I suppose I could tie him up and then just raise up around him, but with his units having so many attacks and decent S & T my zombies and skeletons will be put to the test per CC phase. And also hope that CR don't wipe me out as well. With that plan is simply mass raising going to win the day or do I need some thralls and a count up there in the thick of it?

This is off the top of my head on what he brought at that last game but I know for a fact he never takes magic defense(I've seen him use other armies/ even vs me doesn't take much magic def). If he does go magic def. its almost always just a hero level with little backing him up item and protection wise.

Treeman ancient
6 warhawk riders
5/6 treekin
1 great eagle
10 archers
10 wild riders
7ish dancers
the rest were dryads - i think 3 units

So any ideas or tricks that work well against this forest spirit style list would be very helpful. I've heard that my dragon can do pretty good against these but I'm not sure if the points would be worth it.

I'm down with any bloodline, I've tried and tested them all - Carsteins would be my fav. and pretty much all units are at the ready.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Sep 17, 2007
I would take a blooddragon count(for killing) and 3 necros(for magic missiles).Against woodelves magic missiles destroy their units.Most likely the ancient will have nettlings,DO NOT ENGAGE THE ANCIENT IN COMBAT WITH CHARACTERS!To deal with most of the units use magic missiles.A black coach will be excellent since WE have no str7.Watch out for the dancers,they WILL destroy a 12man zombie unit a turn on normal rolls.Try and get rid of the warhawks quickly as well,they will be a nasty flanking force.RoFD may be good since it gives an extra magic missile.Give your count and one necromancer lore of death for the basic magic missile.BK and GG will hurt if they get the charge since woodelves are very fragile.Take atleast 2 units of BK.Take an equal mix of zombies and skeletons.Also try to keep your units together,woodelves need flanking.The wildriders,if possible should be charged not charged by they WILL die once charged.

If you need more i can probably think of it,just ask.Hope that helped!
Jan 11, 2008
Thanks for the advise Arion! This was my first go against WE forest spirit army, it was a tough fight but in the end I was able to pull out a solid victory. If you didn't mention the Black Coach I prob wouldn't have thought of bringing it - its been collecting some dust since a wave of dwarfs and chaos came to town.

The coach was totally the star of the show, was able to rack up some major kills and ended the game with 14 wounds on it!

Thanks again!