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Here's the answer, whats the question.

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True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Sunlight. It burned you if you were living or dying, it warmed you if you were cold, it cheered you if your mood was bleak but could turn on with you even noticing. It was a fickle demon that everyone has to live with and it was one of the only things that would always be consistent. That, in many ways, was why Amadeus Valda was jealous of the sun burning down on him as he trekked back in the direction of the Old World, alone.

"Curse you infernal sun, will you let me have a reprieve. You have tormented me my entire time in this godforsaken land and you continue to mock me now."

For months he had travelled far and wide in search of answers. The questions had not even been revealed to him, but he knew that once he found the answer, the question would become abundantly clear. Here, in the deserts of Lahmia, he had seen things, great things, things that would lead him to the seat of Nagash and to the ultimate ending of everything. Therein lied the ultimate answer, but the questions whcih produced the ultimate question were evading him and had done since the night his own seer had granted him so many confused visions. The visions had angered him so much that the seer was now dead and nobody dwelt within Schwarzberg now. It lay like a testament to what he once was, powerful, imposing, not a man dwindling in the desert, wondering why he was here. The sand burned, the sun burned, everything burned, but none of it worse than his lust for knowledge. Throwing back the hood of the great white robe he was wearing, Valda screamed at the Sun.

"Seer, you brought me here, why have you brought me here. There is nothing but sand and the stench of death. There is nothing, NOTHING!"

"Of course there is Amadeus, you've just not looked hard enough."

For a moment, Valda stopped and seemed confused. He knew the voice because it was her voice, the Supremes. It was quite clear

"Curse you above the Sun in the sky. My supposed mentor, yopur teachings never prepared me for anything that has happened here. You have done nothing for me since this infernal war between the Council and Nagash began. You haunt me now as a voice in my head. Why Supreme, why do you do this?" Valda fell to his knee's, clutching the sides of his head. Perhaps he had finally lost his sanity, as so many of the Vampires before him had.

"Who began the War Amadeus?"

"What?" The surprise lacked any note of subtlety

"Who began the war between the Vampires and the Dark Lord?" The voice asked casually.

"You know who started the war, why do you ask a question I already know the answer to?" Valda was cleared annoyed at the question.

"Now, where are you?"

"Lahmia, of course."

"And what happened here the last time Nagash was at war."

The question finally struck a chord as Valda realised what all of the visions the seer had granted him meant. Lifting his white robe, Valda picked out two objects he had collected on his travels. These items were the answers for which he was seeking questions. A symbol of sigmar and a chunk of warpstone. Both of them had something to do with each time Nagash had been defeated. This place, Lahmia, it was where Nagash had first been defeated by the combined might of the Old Kingdoms. The original answers had led to the ultimate answer. Valda cackled manically at the Sun once more as he began to realise why nobody truly hated it. It had a routine, every day it would do the same thing without failure and therein lied the great answer on why Valda had come here. He had finally realised the way to defeat the man who had tortured him for so very long. With a revitalised sense of purpose, Valda spoke out to the voice of the Supreme.

"It seems you do have some use after all."

A few moments passed and no answer came. Confused, Valda spoke her name out a few more times but no answer came and with that, Valda felt alone once more. Had the Supreme been a voice in his head or had she appeared like some incorporeal wraith from beyond the grave in his moment of need. He supposed he would never know, but it did not remove the deep sense of wonderment. Still, his work here was done, he missed the old World, as he was sure the Old World had not missed him. Using the Sun to guide him ironically, he headed in the direction of the nearest settlement to return to Schwarzberg. The good work would continue afresh, with renewed vigour and purpose.
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