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Hero-sized torsos

Aug 31, 2014
Hey guys,

Anyone know a kit where you can get hero-sized torsos? Maybe chaos knights?

I've been making an empire themed VC army for some time now, and I've started to convert a unit of blood knights for 9th Age.

So far I've just made one, but was thinking to make 5. Overall, the plan is to use some vampire and VC parts mixed in with mostly Empire bits as there is a much larger range of Empire bits, and I have many of them.

The only problem is that the hero bits I've used so far are much larger than RnF bits, and to me putting a knight or great sword torso on the vamp legs looks too small. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar and has some advice.

My other recourse seems to be to go and buy a bunch of Empire heroes and add VC bits to them, but that's a little pricey..

Any suggestions?

Vamp photo 1

vamp photo 2

WIP vamp photo 1

Here's what happened to the rest of Marius. Don't the legs look a little small?

Sorry for the poor image quality.