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Jun 14, 2009
Hi, Y'all
yes i am new, fresh and thirsty.
blood dragons
my army consists of:
1 Lahmian vampire: damsel conversion
5 blood knights : KoTR conversion (u see where this is going)
20 zombies : men at arms conversion
1 necromancer: men at arms conversion converted.

yes i used to collect brettonia but i have changed, my leader is called lucien the immortal (duuh) i do also collect skaven u can see my fluff on underempire.net

Over and out


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Hi Lucien,

Welcome to CN! I hope you do understand that you're now obligated to provide us with some pictures of your conversions? You cannot simply dangle treats in front of us like that and then expect to get away with it! :vampire2:

For the record, my own army features a lot of conversions based on Bretonnian models as well. They really do make for good living dead, those French folks. :)

Again, welcome. I hope you'll enjoy your stay!
Jun 14, 2009
beat you to the punch picies are up and at the necrarch workshop :D they aren't that good nothing to be xcited about really. They look abit different as in, these zombies arent normal men come back from the grave these are men come back from grave then tested on! There is ranges from zombies with goblin arms some with skaven arms some with both! The spirit hosts are zombie test subjects that died in the testing lab. so there u go, go look it up :P

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
In the Necrach workshop? I think you may have posted in the wrong forum then xd Don't worry, I'll take a look, if they need moving I will do so.

Amway, I hope you enjoy your stay here at CN, and if you like role-plays or creating army lists check out the links in my sig.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Jun 14, 2009
one person said they are in wrong place thanks, sorry i thought the name kinda sounded like a conversion place, shoulda read description, thanks.
I do like role-plays i played them on the skaven underempire.net il happily join one. And yes i do like making army lists.
thanks swiss
SPOILERS lol wight king i know its wrong post but i wanna show peep that its not actually to much work :P not finished yet and not painted yet



Master Necromancer
True Blood
Mar 3, 2008
Lucien the immortal said:
lol to be honest im afraid of painting it :P i havent made a colour scheme for him yet and im afraid i might ruin it all :S

Use very thin paint...that's all you can do really. Welcome to CN ;)

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