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High up in the astronomancer's lair in the looking glass I peeked...

Oct 9, 2019
and I noticed this cool site is still alive. Or un-alive. Not truly dead, at the very least. Still kicking, though probably with some other people's dead legs.

Anyway, I'm very much a Death player, slowly moving my square bases to a more modern round-base setup.

I field Skeletons, of gold and red, bone and wood, riding their chariots proudly and shooting a true hail of cursed skulls and poisoned arrows before large statues and bone giants plow through my enemy. Or rather, I don't. Not anymore, as the World That Was ended in shame for my Legion and the beautiful Khalida. Maybe I should "upgrade" her to WarCry.

I field Skeletons, of steel and bone, brass and wood, their empty sockets dreadfully ever watching as rank upon rank of Sigmarines departs from Azyr's palace in Nottingham and ends up in a Battleforce near you... Supported by Black Knights, Vampire Counts, a well-tamed Zombie Dragon, Spirit Hosts aplenty, and Grave Guard galore, my Soulblight army left 6th edition almost unscathed, and Wights as well as Corpse Carts underwent the painful Rite of Oval Rebasing.

I field Nighthaunts, howling in the night, forever afraid that tomorrow the reckoning might come as it came to the Chaos Dwarfs or the mighty Tomb Kings. Oh, Settra, how far did you fall that your fate may be the one thing that Liekoron fears.

I field Mortarchs. All of them. Should Katakros ever come to my store, he would join my army. Nagash I do not field, for he deserves more skill and time than I can offer him. Maybe, later, after a long slumber in my lair.

Finally, when the cold white snow covers the valleys as well as the high peaks, when the hunger, the horrific suffering that winter brings to the empty stomach, reigns supreme on the forces of Order and their slaving farmers, out they come, from the forgotten cities of the Dispossessed, from the mines and from the caves, from the deep catacombs and the dark woods. Under their numbers the small colonies of Kharadron Overlords, the few remaining Longbeards, the cowardly Skaven and the nasty Goblins break and flee, leaving their dead and injured to be swarmed over and devoured. Out they come, for when the farmer is hungry, he is weak, and weakness is opportunity. Out they come, and the freshly dead they dig out and devour, the soon to be dead they rip to pieces and devour, the very much alive they bite and tear and devour. Or so the story goes, but that's not how the Ballad of the Black Rose tells their story. On his Throne sits my King, Archregent of the Three Valleys. His magnificent flying beasts fly overhead, serenely singing a powerful chant of honor and courage. Under their mighty wings ride the pride of the land, armoured knights of boundless power. To their sides, running with pride swelling their chests, footmen, guided by experienced sergeants, charge the unworthy enemies that dare threaten the calm and majesty of his blessed land. 90 Ghouls, 9 Crypt Horrors, 3 Vargoyles, 3 Ghoul Kings, an Archregent and a Charnel Throne, Ushoran's Chalice... and three Terrorgheists.

And for some reason, I have some old Goblins, Dwarves on square bases, Skavens of both types, and so many Sigmarines, mostly in boxes waiting for someone to spray Chaos Black.


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
I think that you have probably earnt the title of the most original introduction that I've seen on this site :). Welcome :).

Gold and red is one of my preferred colour combinations, so I look forward to seeing some pictures of those models in particular, if you're inclined to post them in the appropriate painting board. Either way, I hope that you enjoy participating in the community here and please let us know if you have any questions.
Jan 1, 2017
Welcome aboard. An amazing introduction, indeed. It makes my dead heart beat with joy and also nostalgia for the once mighty Tomb Kings.