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Jun 26, 2021
Hello there. 😊

After a long long time of off and on painting Skaven not very well (lack of thinned paints, too heavy washes, bad colour code decisions, not enough highlights, e.t.c.), I decided to take my time and learn to paint a bit better.
With the Mortal Realms magazine from Hachette offering some cut price ghosties and Sigmarines (and having grown to like the AoS world after a few adventures in the Soulbound rpg), I decided to recut my fangs on some Aeronautica Imperialis, Nighthaunt, and Stormcast, with an eventual hope to move onto some of my more classic Vampire Counts models, Skaven, Dwarfs, and Dread Fleet.

Here's a few pictures of my progress that started Autumn of last year:

The Briar Queen.

My first character model in my modern painting. I motly followed the GW painting guide video with a few alternative choices of paint. I really liked the glazing on her robes which I ended up applying to later Nighthaunt.

Briar Queen 1.jpg

Briar Queen 2.jpg

Myrmourn Banshees with Tomb Banshee:

Through December and January (and either side of my bout of the Covid) I moved onto some banshees. I had been practicing with the Thorns of the Briar Queen and some unpictured Chainrasps to create a black to dark green to pale green shading...which involved many many washes of hexwraith. For the tomb banshee's hair I stole inspiration from a few youtube videos on painting red and blonde hair.

Banshees 1.jpg

Banshees 2.jpg

Because she's worth it.jpg

The finished Thorns of the Briar Queen amidst some gates and walls of a Garden of Morr

Thorns based 4.jpg

Thorns based 2.jpg

Thorn of Briar Queen.jpg

Dreadblade Harrows:

I tried experimenting how far I could blend bone to ghostly green with these ones. I think I managed to get the effect pretty well.

Dreadblades 1.jpg

Dreadblades 2.jpg

Dreadblades 3.jpg

Dreadblades 4.jpg

Test Glaviewraith:

With this one I was playing with cheats to make the flow of black to green a bit easier. I used Caliban green watered down into a wash, which I later improved upon with later Glaivewraiths. The rust effect was an application of Typhus Corrosion and a drybrush of Ryza Rust on some nuln oiled leadbelcher.

Test glaivewraith 1.jpg

Test glaivewraith 3.jpg

More to follow eventually. 😛

Raven Torrid

Staff member
Sep 3, 2011
I decided to recut my fangs on some Aeronautica Imperialis, Nighthaunt, and Stormcast, with an eventual hope to move onto some of my more classic Vampire Counts models, Skaven, Dwarfs, and Dread Fleet.

That is a commendable initiative! 🙂 I always say "I need to practice on something else before I start on my precious VC." and then somehow that happens very slow. 😅
You seem to be gaining steam quite nicely tho. 😁

I especially like the Dreadblade Harrows and the Glaivewraith. The bone to ghastly look transition is smooth and very cool. Great rust all around as well. 👍
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Jun 26, 2021
Thankies for the kind word-things. 🙂

It's helped that over on the Moulder Pitfighters rpg campaign forum i've been doing the old UE Monthly Painting Vows system.
So every month I make a list worked out to points of what I want to try and build/paint/base and try and get through it in the month.
It has helped me churn through a fair bit (although I keep putting off finishing the last half of the Garden of Morr.)

Anyway, here's some pictures of the later Glaivewraiths. I also decided to paint the zombie birb as a ghost instead partly for the theme and also as contrast to my Knight-Azyros conversion I will eventually do, who will have her spirit guardian birb with her (though he'll be in a icy blue.)

glaive 1.jpg Glaive 2.jpg
Glaive 3.jpg Glaive 5.jpg
Glaive 6.jpg Glaive 7.jpg
Glaive 8.jpg Glaive 9.jpg
Glaive 11.jpg Altogether 2.jpg

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Firstly, thanks for sharing. You have some really well-painted models, and the rust effect on the weapons is brilliant. I've always loved the transition effects on ghostly models (we used to have a brilliant article here on CN but for the unlife of me I can't find it 😤) and you've done a cracking job of it. Keep 'em coming!
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Jun 26, 2021
Cheers matey! 🙂

Here's a few non-Warhammer/AoS ones that I painted last month.

Rogue Trader Janus Draik:


The GW Model of the Month Sister of Battle that I was dared into painting yellow.
I will not be painting yellow armour again if I can help it now! 😛


Kroot Tracker Dahyak Grekh who was the most fun i've had painting a model thus far.
He's got quite a Spaghetti Western vibe to him.

Jun 26, 2021
*Returns from the Wastes*

So, I carried on with my usual painting vows and managed to get a few things done towards my 1k Nighthaunt list.

Firstly I had some fun with platicard and a sharp knife making cobbles for my repurposed Brett Men at Arms, doing the classic and turning them into Spirit Hosts:



Here's some WIP pics of the Bretts with the old metal skellie command head back when the regiment boxes had metal optional parts in. Need to do something with that horrifying flesh banner with head, hands, and crow...

And fully painted below. I just kept it simple with Ionrach washed with Hexwraith and then a drybrush of Ionrach again. Possibly could have made it more complex but these guys are only meant to distract/hold objectives/be thrown at lone things and hope I roll many 6s...


I also painted my Guardian of Spirits. Decided to turn his helmet into more of a crown. So like Reikenor, in life he had been a potent sorcerer king but now is but a pawn in Nagash's schemes, his crown now but for show. I also came up with the idea that his lantern is constructed from coins and riches of tyrants and kings (often placed in the mouths or eyes of their mortal remains) that they sought to pay off Nagash (or whomever collected their soul) so that their afterlife would be one of bliss. Fragments of their broken and embittered souls now exist in the lantern, their energies used to invigorate the processionals.


Moving away from AoS, I then worked on the GW model of the month, which was an Ork Nob. I decided to experiment with several camo schemes (a lot made up on the fly.) Some actually kinda work! :P

And lastly I started a monthly model roulette from my piles of shame. Last month's turned out to be Kharn.


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