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Horrid Dead

Dec 23, 2009
Hi all, I've been a lurker for years. I have posted a bit in the the modelling and painting threads but I haven't ever submitted my armies before. It's because I don't really have one. I love painting models but I hate painting armies just as much. I hated painted Warhammer armies more than most because I can't abide square bases. Ranking up models always resulted in jamming the figures I'd carefully posed into awkward hedges and I usually had to letter and number (by row and column) to get the into infantry blocks. I didn't pay much attention to AoS because I didn't really miss Warhammer. When they put out a skirmish game thats different. Now I can build models (on round bases) and not feel overwhelmed trying to paint massive blocks of troops. Thanks for having such a great site; Over the years I've looked at all sorts of cool projects here so hopefully I can return the favor and share my stuff with you.

The first group I have been building is really the testbed for the whole force. I wanted to try the colour scheme and figure out how I would treat metals. I decided on a winter scheme (I think I have to add more snow) but I thought it would be a nice canvas to drop some gore on. Someone I can't remember had a sweet looking army here (I'll post the painter's name if I can find their work again) and I was also looking at the VC art (primarily the John Blanche stuff). I was hoping to paint in a looser style and do some experiments with glazes. Here is the first group of 5 and a photo manipulation of them. I wanted to try and capture an 80s-90s Citadel cover drawing. Not sure it's there but I was happy with the result. Thanks again.









Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
Hey, so we are glad that you've left lurking behind and become active ;) I fully understand the problems with rowing and positioning the units, but if you don't play exclusively in gw stores there are plenty examples of unitfillers that provide more space and possibilities to arrange your army even with scenic background... But if you found your fun in AoS, that's great too! I really like your painting style, deep clear and bright colors, and the snows looks cool also (pun not intended at first, but I'll let it be xD ). I hope to see more of your minis!


Aug 11, 2012
These are very nice!

I find more and more that game systems are just a weak excuse for me to do the modelling I want to. If round bases are your thing, that's fine by me (I get my round base fix from WH40k and Frostgrave models for now!) even if I don't like AoS.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Dec 10, 2013
I love the silver/gold and blue/purple mix of colours going on here, that goes great with your winter theme. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.