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Grave Guard
Sep 28, 2011
So for those of you who have had a chance to get some games in, how are we performing? What's working, what's not. Any hidden gems or things that look better on paper versus the table?

I'm hoping to get a game in this coming weekend (probably still 2nd edition unless one of us makes it to a lgs...)
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Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
I'm not yet into the new SG battletome, but I'm certain that:
- it's a book made with the 3.0 edition in mind, so the army should perform really well
- it's an army with small, cheap heroes, and that is useful to grab the core battalions that grant you additional artefacts
- it's also an army with monsters and heavy hitters heroes on monsters, and they are both immensely favored by this edition

Other death armies may struggle at the moment.
Ossiarch suffers the new command points system, as they don't have access to "real" command points, so they are negated the new command abilities in the core book
Nighthaunts are more or less the same as before, and with their old battletome they don't have any"subfactions"; luckily they now have that couple that appeared in Be'lakor BR but it's still not enough. Plus, their only monster is the Mourngul (which is not bad, but it's still Forgeworld)
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Crypt Horror
May 26, 2013
I have found that skeletons with danse macabre and a command point to remove battleshock are an amazing tarpit. Necromancers are great to go with skeletons since they can transfer wounds and are the source of danse. Zombies attacking single wound units are also great. I find Bella Damma very powerful spellcaster, her lycan curse can really mess with people's formations. Graveguard with great weapons pack a lot of punch in a small base size.

The Coven Throne is not worth its points. Dire Wolves are not so great either, although I'm going to continue to play them for fluffy reasons. Kritza is neat but doesn't really accomplish much.

Our summoning at gravesites is unreliable. Really heavily nerfed from 2e, more of a backup plan. For longevity you have to look more for skeletons and zombies with inherient abilities to return units rather than rely on all our return unit tricks that are part of our allegiance abilities.

Blood knights are very powerful. I find zombie dragons and terrorgheists to be too swingy for my liking. Those D6 damages can be 1 as easily as 6.

Radukar and his kosargi are pretty fun and fluffy but frankly blood knights are just better at doing what they do and a generic vampire lord is cheaper if you want a melee caster. Torgillius is not great, I didn't get his Command Point bonus to go off even once, but it's a 50% chance so that might just be unlucky, the real problem is that his inherent spell duplicates a lore spell and danse macabre is amazing.

I played Neferata and found her as good as she ever is, she hasn't really changed significantly from 2e though, she's always been good.

Corpse cart with +1 cast is a must have for any spellcaster armies. It's cheap and that +1 has saved me more times than I can count.
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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
What we used to use dire wolves for (apart from just filling battleline requirements) is now a job for Fell Bats, and given the introduction of 'unleash hell' it's arguably a more important job than ever before. I'm not entirely sure what dire wolves are supposed to do now instead, though given their movement speed, points per wound, summonable tag, and being battleline they really shouldn't be bad, at least not in theory. I'm just not sure yet what they're actually good for.

Blood Knights really are the stars of the book right now, though at least part of that is that they're more than a bit underpointed. Next update should jump them up noticeably (though you can never tell with GW). We'll see what they and the fanction in general can do then. In the mean time, though Blood Knights really are just running absolute riot. Completely off the chain.
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Grave Guard
Sep 28, 2011
In the mean time, though Blood Knights really are just running absolute riot. Completely off the chain.

*palpatine voice* Goooooood, Gooooooooood!

Sad to hear you didnt like the Coven throne or wolves, I've got a bit of both on my to paint list at the moment. Just built up my second unit of knights, trying to find a 3rd box of them somewhere.

Right now I've got,
1x VL on Z/dragon (can be vhordrai or vanilla)
1x coven throne
1x Neferrata
10x Blood Knights
20x Skeletons (more but they are still on squares)
9x Fell Bats
1x Crimson Court
1x Vampire Lord
10x Dire Wolves
1x Lauka Vai (probably run as a regular Veng lord, I just love Lauka's model. Definitley will try her too sometime)

I also have a bunch of old fantasy stuff but they're still on squares.... 😅

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