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how big is your VC army

Jan 3, 2014
list them down

currently have 5,000 points I think

just started collecting VC since last october

40 GW ghouls
40 GW skeletons
40 Grave Guard
80 GW zombies
15 GW black knights
10 hex wraiths
5 blood knights
3 vargheists
3 crypt horrors
2 terrorgheists
1 mortis engine
1 GW female vampire
1 manfred von carstein on mount & manfred on foot
1 krell
3 GW spirit hosts
1 necromancer
1 corpse cart
10 dire wolves
2 cairn wraiths
1 tomb banshee


Staff member
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
@robtion - post both alternatives ;)

I've got almost 5000 points of assembled/painted units when they are without any special equipment - but I wouldn't field a 5000 point army because I don't have that much core :zombie:

1 vlad von carstein/vampire lord
2 strigoi ghoul royalty
1 kemmler/necromaster

2 hero vampires
2 wight kings
2 cairn wraiths
1 banshee
1 necromancer

50 skeletons
50 ghouls
65 zombies
12 dire wolves

3 bat swarms
10 black knights
1 corpse cart
8 crypt horrors
4 fell bats
30 grave guards
3 spirit hosts
10 hexwraiths
3 vargheists

(hurray, all the special options unlocked!)

5 blood knights
1 terrorgheist
1 varghulf

besides those, I have a zombie dragon box, coven throne box and a mounted necromancer still to do. Considering that I'll manage to get 1 coven throne and 2 mortis engines out of a single box, lots of bits and greenstuff that would sent me to almost 6300 points. Not bad actually :O I didn't notice when it rose up that high.


May 3, 2012
I have a stack of vampires wraiths and banshees
some 250 zombies
60 skeletons
30 dire wolves
10 vargheists
3 spirit hosts
2 fell bats
5 hexwraiths
4 blood knights


Lord of RAW
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True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
1 vlad von carstien
1 isabella von carstein
1 krell
2 vampires on foot
1 mounted vampire
1 ghoul king
1 necromancer
1 wight king

40 skeletons
40 zombies
40 ghouls
20 dire wolves

2 corpse carts
30 grave guard
10 spirit hosts

1 vargulf
1 terrorghiest
5 cairn wraiths
5 blood knights
1 black coach

i feel like i've missed some stuff but here's what i recall
Jun 28, 2014
Most of my stuff is oop, what I currently own is:
2 Necromancers
2 Vampires
1 Konrad
about 120 Skeletons from various editions (some being so old they´re metals cast in the 80´s)
70 Zombies
12 Ghouls (from the Days they were skirmishers)
10 Dire Wolves
9 Black Knights
6 Undead horsemen I can use as Black Knights
5 Fell Bats
1 Spirit Host
1 Varghulf
5 Wraiths
1 Banshee
1 Black Coach
2 old undead chariots I plan to use as Corpse Carts


Ancient Vampire Lord
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True Blood
May 22, 2010
If we include all the old models and units from Warhammer Armies Undead, as well as various Marauder Miniatures, I have quite a lot:

Maurauder Miniatures
2 Wight Lords
4 Skeletons in heavy armour

GW Miniatures
Arkhan The Black and his chariot
Wight Lord on Zombie Dragon (the old metal one)
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (new plastic kit)
Vampire Lord (original metal model from WHA: Undead)
4 Blood Dragon Vampires (two on foot; two mounted)
1 Vampiress
1 Wight King (sixth edition, mounted)
Red Duke Vampire Lord on horse (now known as mounted Vampire Lord)

90 Skeletons (Mixture of WHA: Undead and sixth edition models)
10 Skeleton Archers (WHA: Undead)
20 Zombies (plastic)
15 Zombies (metal: WHA Undead)
10 Ghouls (plastic)
16 Ghouls (metal: WHA Undead)
8 Skeleton Horsemen (plastic: WHA: Undead)
1 Skeleton Chariot (plastic: WHA: Undead)
6 Dire Wolves (sixth edition)

8 Wights (metal: WHA Undead)
12 Wraiths (metal: WHA Undead)
1 Banshee (sixth edition)
4 Wraiths (sixth edition)
2 Ghosts (metal: WHA Undead)
10 Black Knights (sixth edition)
5 Hexwraiths
30 Grave Guard (metal: sixth edition)

Corpse Cart
4 Carrion (meta: WHA Undead)
6 Fellbats
3 Bat Swarms
2 Spirit Hosts
2 Screaming Skull Catapults (WHA: Undead)
The Black Coach

I think that's probably it. If I've forgotten anything, I'll edit this post later.

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
I know i can put out around 15k - 20k points of VC but to be honest I have never counted the damn things.
I know I have 110 Grave Guard, 150 Ghouls (Blame 7th edition for that one) but I have never really totaled up all the zombies etc.

Every time I do I find I need more foot troops so i try to avoid it. :(

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Erm......does *lots* count as a number? xD

I have loads, probably around the 4-5K mark (without magic items etc). Lots of it is OOP, like old metal skellies etc. 90% of it is not painted however, I just keep on buying (under the exasperated gaze of the missus) and not getting around to painting :redface:


Grave Guard
Apr 3, 2014
I´m with Duke Dance Macabre in figures (more than 16K) and situation (don´t know how much more). Give me some time and will make proper calculations (and pictures to be shown, by all means).

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
This should be about 40%'ish of my models, not the lack of zombies and skeletons as i had no more room but the GG should be in good show here.
I do not however have any Crypt Horrors, never bought into their worth, i'm very much a 7th Edition GG fan. :thumbsup:



Minister of Thriftiness
Dec 9, 2013
Mannfred Mounted (better version)
6 Vampires (two mounted, one with a sweet BSB)
Kemmler, Krell, Necromancer
4 WK (one mounted, one with BSB)
Tomb Banshee
100+skeles (not sure exactly how many)
about 40 Ghouls
30 or so Zombies
80 Direwolves
3 Spirit Hosts
10 BK
5 Hexwriaths
30 GG
2 bat swarms
3 corpse carts (one with Nec)
9 Vargheists
2 Mortis Engine/Coven Throne
6 Blood Knights
2 Black Coaches
TG/ZD (with VL)

My core can support about a 7,000 point army, but I could more than fill it.
Feb 6, 2013
2 Lord on zombie dragon (1x Zacharias)
2 vamps on abyssal terror
3 necromancer (1x mounted)
4 wight king (1x BSB, 1x mounted)
8 vampires (1x BSB, 3x mounted)
7 vampire lord (5x mounted)
1 ghoul king
120 zombies
60 skeletons with spears
80ish skeletons with hand weapon
50 ghouls
30 wolves
40 grave guard
30 black knights
10 hexwraiths
6 crypt horrors
6 vargheists
6 spirit hosts
10 fell bats
7 bat swarms
1 corpse cart
5 wraiths
3 banshees
1 terrorgheist
1 mortis engine
1 black coach
1 varghulf
No blood knights, but mounted vampires / lords serve this purpose.


Mortarch of the Dark Soul
True Blood
Dec 23, 2012
Painted, I have:
6 vampires on foot and mounted
5 necromancers
2 banshee
2 wraiths
1 wight king
45+ ghouls
60+ skeletons
80+ zombies
20 dire wolves
36 grave guard
15 black knights
8 crypt horrors
3 Varghiest
12 hexwraiths
1 corpse cart
1 terrorgiest
12 fell bats
4 ethereal hosts
2 varghulfs

I have a bunch of models assembled. Pretty much the rest of the army options. I.e. black coach, mortis engine, blood knights etc

I have owned a ton of undead over the years. I sell off old models and replace them with new ones when I like the new ones better. I've replaced my skeletons 3-4 times now. Black knights twice. Grave guard 3 times. Characters many times. I still have a lot of unpainted old undead models too. Old necrarch stuff.

I could easily field 7-8k of vampires. I regularly play 2800