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How many saves?


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
If I have, say, an AGK on TG and I use his command ability on a unit of crypt ghouls and I have a WK with standard, for insaved wounds would I take extra save rolls for Deathless Minions, Infernal Standard, and Unholy Vitality? I know there are other abilities that pretty much do the same thing. Would all abilities stack, even with the rules of one?
Yes, I believe they all stack, and you'd take a roll for each. I don't believe the rules of 1 apply to things stacking. ie: There's no rule of "only one save."

The 3 Rules of One are essentially:

*Only one attempt of each spell per turn.
*A hit, wound, or save roll of one always fails.
*Rules that generate extra attacks can only generate one extra attack.