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How many saves?


Minister of Thriftiness
Dec 9, 2013
If I have, say, an AGK on TG and I use his command ability on a unit of crypt ghouls and I have a WK with standard, for insaved wounds would I take extra save rolls for Deathless Minions, Infernal Standard, and Unholy Vitality? I know there are other abilities that pretty much do the same thing. Would all abilities stack, even with the rules of one?
Apr 21, 2012
Yes, I believe they all stack, and you'd take a roll for each. I don't believe the rules of 1 apply to things stacking. ie: There's no rule of "only one save."

The 3 Rules of One are essentially:

*Only one attempt of each spell per turn.
*A hit, wound, or save roll of one always fails.
*Rules that generate extra attacks can only generate one extra attack.
Jan 1, 2017
Yeah, they don't "stack" in the classic way (the effects don't sum), but you will have multiple ward saves, granted by different abilities