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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Welcome to Vampire Counts 40,000 project.

As the name suggests this project is to create a unique list for vampire counts for Warhammer 40,000.

However we do not plan for it to be straight translation, but more of a 40,000 army with a Vampire Counts feel.

The list will have its own fluff and rules and should hopefully be balanced.

To keep the project orderly and as fair as possible it will follow these steps:

  • First fluff / background will be created.
  • Next an army list will provisionally be drawn up
  • Then each unit will then be discussed, designed and a final set of rules drawn up. This includes items, army wide rules etc.
  • Once all the above is complete a review will be carried out.
  • The reviewed list will then be playtested.
  • After playtesting and feedback, the final list will be released!

When it actually comes to the discussions for each part whether it be fluff, units etc, they will they all follow these steps:

  • A thread will be created for unit / item section etc in question.
  • Normally someone will put forward a preliminary idea and then the discussion will start. The discussion will continue until the majority agree on the idea.
  • The idea will then be put forward to a forum vote with the rest of Carpe Noctem being able to vote whether they think the unit is balanced or not. This vote does not include fluff.
  • If it is voted through the rules / fluff will be added to the confirmed thread.
  • If not voted through the idea can either be reviewed to try and tweak the rules, or the idea may be dropped entirely.

Above all remember this is meant to be fun, respect others opinions, and hopefully we will create a great list!

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