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Feb 12, 2008
We're very blessed (by the Great Necromancer naturally) to have lots of members who want to share pictures of their lovely models. This thread is a basic intro so you can get the best out of those pictures and feedback from our members:

Taking Your Picture
  • Don't use your flash. Unfortunately, it tends to whiten the model, create light spots where the flash is bounced back and make it look like there is no contrast. If it's too dark to take your models without it, I'd recommend waiting until it is
  • Make sure you don't have any filters or "smart" modes on. A lot of cameras in recent times, especially on smartphones, attempt to improve the image for you. Now that's fantastic when I'm making myself transform into an adonis of a man, not when we really want to see your model! If you really want to put some kind of filter on, try and judge with the best thing you have - your eye - to get the one that looks closest to the model in real life
  • Use natural light where possible. If you can take your picture when you have lots of natural light, brilliant. You can also get bulbs that mimic it which are also good. Just be aware of avoiding direct bring sunlight on your model as it will act a bit like a flash and result in glare
  • Decide what you are wanting to showcase. One model? Then don't have loads of other models around, even in the background, it's distracting. Unit or army-wide? Just try to set up the models so we can see a good amount across the shot
  • Focus! Most smartphones will focus on a spot if you tap the screen. It's easy to end up with a blurry shot because you didn't take the time to focus. Make sure the camera is stable as well. For tiny details use the macros mode
  • Max out on pixels! Hopefully, it's an obvious one, but select the highest resolution if possible, it allows us to see all the lovely details. Don't worry about the size, CN can handle it 😏

Posting Your Picture on CN
  • Preferred: Use our attach files button below the post section or the picture icon at the top and upload the picture from your device (computer/phone etc). CN automatically handles and resizes so don't worry it's a huge picture! CN also automatically inserts into the post for members to see, but we'd recommend you manually select to insert it and perhaps put a caption or title go with it
  • Link: When selecting the picture icon you can also click on the link symbol and input a link if you're hosting your pics elsewhere. As default CN attempts to import and store the picture so if the link breaks in the future threads don't break (we have lots of old examples of this!), but it doesn't always work
  • Once you've got your image you can align it left, centre, right etc
I hope this information is useful, and please feel free to add your own tips.
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Sep 28, 2011
All excellent tips! Natural light all the way, but if you can't or want to isolate your mini, a light box is relatively easy to build and cheap for getting some nice photos.
Basically it's
-A box with holes/windows cut into it (I use leftover cardboard boxes but you could chop up a plastic bin etc
-white construction paper/cardstock
-parchment paper (for the windows)
-light source (i bought some cheap usb lights on amazon)




I don't have it set up in my new place but I'll be using it again once I get some of these new shiny vamps painted!

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