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How to Beat Demonic Legion


Grave Guard
Aug 12, 2007
having just played Voltaire on Lorenz, i thought a tactica would be appropriate.
This is going to be about how to fight a pure Daemonic legions list and i'll try to analyse all the units you're likely to find in such an army - of any of the gods.
Firstly i'm going to have a look at some of the tactics Voltaire has already suggested for fighting the daemons.

For fighting daemonic units, the options available to you are very simple - swamp them. The fact you are guarenteed to be stuck in combat with these guys for at least half the game means you can press home your numbers advantage and magical superiority (their characters are REALLY bad in terms of being a points sink and taking multiple hero slots). If you bring your numbers to bear, combat resolution alone will kill the daemons.
The main thing to not attack daemons with is, of course, Etheral units. These units are completely superfluous and best used to do something like attack anything mortal or to block LOS to anything important such as your General. Grave guard and Black Knights are the anti-daemon with their magical attacks and this should not be forgotten at any point!
No offence to Voltaire but this is dangerous. I cant really see it working on any of the basic daemon troops who are the only one likely to be in big units. Daemonettes and Bloodletters have too many attacks with good WS and strength (4 and 5 respectively, both times).
Horrors would be dangerous because of their bound spells, warping your front rank before the combat starts will really hurt you and as its a Tzeetch army, your dispels will probably have already gone.
Nurgle ae just too hard - with the cloud of flies you need 5s to hit and to wound. You just wont do enough damage, they'll have ranks and maybe a banner and they will get a wound or two so suddenly the swamping them turns into you losing combat.

Next some unit analysis....

Chaos Undivided and Heroes
Daemon Prince: Dont underestimate these guys. While not in the same region as the Greater daemons these can still pack a powerful punch. With stats comparable to a vampire lord and the DL ward save, 300pts plus marks and demonic gifts seems quite reasonable. Remember they can fly and upgrade to wizards as well so this is a versitile model. Now the marks....
Khorne is by far the nastiest DP you can get - 6 attacks with S5 (or 6 with Might of Khorne) will smash almost anything. This is also the cheapest DP as well as he ignores the magic levels upgrade meaning that a nasty Khorne DP will end up only sllightly over 400pts. Very reasonable for character of that kind of power. With KB or ignoring AS as well, i would keep well away from these guys with anything short of a tooled up Vampire lord (preferably on a dragon). Oh and he generates +1 dispel dice, just to make your life harder.
Tzeetch doesnt do you any favours either, its the most expensive mark but you get a flying lvl4 wizard with decent stats and a ward in return. Backed up by the Tzeetchy units and all their bound spells I would be careful of this guy. Fighting him is still not recommended but could be done with less elaborate preparation than for the Khorne DP - just remember he may be a wizard but he's still a big fat daemon. You may be braindead, but i hope you're not all stupid as well.
Nurgle doesnt do a huge amount, although the Prince does get acess to a very nasty lore. This does require extra points though, so a lord level wizard with the mark of nurgle will cost at least 450pts, more likely to be 500 or more. These come under the same heading as Tzeetch for killing - just make sure you are careful when you try it and remember they do have an extra wound and potentially some other gifts for making them hard to hit.
Slaanesh is another nasty one. This is the cheapest mark and allows the daemon to always strike first even when charged. Combined with gifts like Sporific musk (half units WS and I in B2B) means that hitting it is going to be hard and thats only if it hasnt killed you before that. The wizard upgrade is again quite good giving acess to another tricksy lore. This is a bit less of a problem as some dont work on immune to psychology troops but be careful anyway. And of course as a wizard he generates power and dispel dice.
This is probably the best allround prince but to make him good at everything the cost will have to be paid so this lord could reach up to 600pts. This means he suddenly becomes a huge point sink - with well placed combats or manouvers his effect can be limited.

To kill a DP: Big ranked unit, needs to be skeletons or GG as the AS will come in helpful. Add in a character with the cursed book to make life a bit harder and you should be able to amass enough CR to make a solo Prince take (and hopefully fail) some instability tests.
If you cant afford to kill it, get a huge zombie unit (at least 30 models) and just try to keep it pinned down for a while. With enough zombies you should b able to lose combat and just soak up the wounds that causes. With a few IoNs you could keep about 500pts tied up for the whole game. And remember that DPs are only US3 so its effect is limited in many areas (negating ranks etc).

Exaulted Daemons and Demonic Heralds: Much the same thing applies here. Exaulted daemons are expensive for what they do and i wouldnt expect to see too many of them around. A decent sized unit should be able to pop one of these in combat unless facing Khorne or possibly Slaanesh. The marks will have much the same effect here as they will on DP's.
Heralds on the other hand are really quite good. Cheap (for a demonic hero) and solid in stats (matches a thrall), these guys can be upgraded to an army BSB equivelent allowing acess to magic banners and rerolls for instability. Marks again do much the same thing as for the daemon prince. These guys are also the only heros that can be placed in units, making tham a lot harder tohunt down than the bigger daemons. I would send in a wright lord (with SoK) or a vampire of some kind, get them in a challenge and hopefully kill them off that way.

Furies: Very good troops in a daemon list but relies on charcters with the mark of Undivided to be fielded, this will mean you will only see them in allrounder lists without any particular devotion.
They are flyers, immune to psy and have magic attacks. These guys will be hunting down ghouls, lone necros and anything ethereal inyour army, but against any properly hard stuff they should be seen off in short order. Dont fear these guys too much, but be careful with any targets they might have.

More to come later....