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Jun 6, 2010
I have begun a series of how to paint guides much like the showcase of showing off your masterpieces this is to show off how you paint your undead. Do not be bashful feel free to share so we can catalog a good variety and mix of wonderful undead tutorials. Please leave the holy water and stakes at home.

Carpe Noctem's How to paint thread index
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Feb 13, 2010
So we can just add to this freely? Cool.
Well my Necromancer is one of the most recent models I've painted and I'm very proud of him, so I suppose I'll add to this.


The cloak was the new Xereus purple, washed with the old leviathan purple ink and then highlight with a mix (1:1) of xereus and genestealer purple. Then a finer genestealer highlight. I then added white to it for successive, sharper highlights in some areas.

His inner robe was simple black highlighted with codex grey and then washed several times with watered down badab black.

The staff wood was a basecoat of calthan brown, which I then added more and more bleach bone to for highlights.

The skin was several thin coats of rakarth flesh, followed by Gryphonne Sepia watered down a lot.
Rakarth flesh layer (leaving the recesses darker of course) then Rakarth + a bit of Bleached Bone highlight
Rakarth + a bit more Bleached Bone (sorry I can't give precise measurements, I really just added dots of paint to the mix until I liked how it looked)
Rakarth + bleach bone (about 50/50 I think)
Then I did a wash of watered down asurmen blue + baal red into recess, particularly under eyes(50/50) and his cheeks
Did the most recent highlight again
Added skull white to the mix for one last highlight
And lastly, after painting the eyes, a very very watered down dab of badab black just under the eyes.

The hair was astronomican grey, washed with codex grey, then highlighted with astronomican and astronomican + white.

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