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Lord Reginer

Apr 17, 2010
Carpe Noctem's How to paint thread index

Alright, Now first off some of you and I hope its very few indeed. What I mean by prep is what you do to your models before glue even touches them. Then a whole collection of thoughts and tips from some one with 20 some years experience putting together little Dudes.

1. File mold lines, Mold (Or is it mould?) lines – cast items (are produced using molds which gradually wear as more casts are produced. Items cast at the beginning of a mold's life will have much crisper detailing than items which are cast later in the production run which may have softer, less defined detail. To our hobbies mold lines represent various vents for the metal to through through as well as literally lines that need to be filed off in order to hide them. As a mold ages these will become far more pronounced. For your rank and file you might opt to skip this step. I however recommend taking the time to file away what doesn’t belong as they will REALLY stand out come end product.
2. WASH YOUR MINIS! This is the step I think most people skip or just don’t know about. I 100% recommend, no Insist washing your Mini’s before you start assembling and 100% If you plan on painting them. By taking the time to wash them with some Dish soap you’ll remove the Mold release agent (Used in plastic) that coats the miniature in a skin like film, the same applies to metals, and DO NOT EVEN TRY to Paint Resin with out washing.
Why wash?
1. By washing your model and clearing away the release agent you will get much stronger bonds with your super glue.
2. By washing your Model, you’ll have removed one more cause to the dreaded Bumpy primer
3. When it comes time to paint, a lot of people swear it adheres smoother (Do to there being less dust and grit on the model in priming)
4. You spent a lot of money on your miniatures, and if your going to take the time to paint them you can take the ten seconds it takes to wash them. Go on wash just one model, in a plastic bin, and see how cloudy the water becomes you’ll be surprised.

The Rules to Glue
With Super glue Less is more, the less glue you use the stronger the bond.
Accelerant, Faster harding at the expense of the strength of the bond.
The right glue for the job.. Use super glue only for metal models, Plastic glue why slower to dry, will just about ensure your model never breaks. Because it Literally melts and bonds the plastic. What that means is don’t get it every where!

1.If its humid STOP, put the can down and wait for a better day. Spraying in Humid conditions is a great way to end up stripping your models. To get rid of the sand paper like texture they’ll take on. Every one will experience this once in there life well assuming you don’t live in the desert

2.Test spray, always spray one model first.. Never an entire unit. Far better to destroy one mini then 20
3.Start spraying beside the model then ease the spray on to it in swipes Don’t just press down and hold the stream directly on the miniature. Use a sweeping motion.
4. An old shirt, is one of the best tools for priming, Okay priming sticks are great for fending off Racoons and painting entire units, but an old shirt will let you grip a Model by the base and turn angle and spin it to your hearts content. With out looking like a poster child for the Hand of death spell.
5. The color of the primer, This is a big one, understand that what ever you color primer you use will have a huge effect on your model. The color will bleed through no matter what so, for example if you use black your reds will be darker. For a new painter I recommend black, as its far more forgiving. Miss a spot of black and you won’t notice it nearly as much as the white.

Kind of a spur of a moment guide, but it comes after failing to follow my Washing rule and ruining a 15 dollar mini ;) yes for all my preaching i some times get lazy
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Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
A place somewhere.
Hey, good topic. Pretty basic, but stuff everyone should take into account.

I think that I'm going to...

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