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How to Use This Forum - Read Before Posting

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
This section is purely for the running for Carpe Noctem. It will be used for the staff to keep track of technical issues as well as provide support to members.

What to Post Here

Firstly and most importantly, this is the one place on the forum that is not for the discussion of warhammer or other general discussions. Threads should only be started here for the following reasons:

Bug Report: If you notice something wrong anywhere on the forum, something that isn't working as it should be then post a thread here. Make sure when creating the thread you select the "Bug Report" prefix. Please try on include as much detail on the fault as possible, ideally with a screenshot.

How To: Not sure how to do something on the forum and can't find the answer? Then you can ask here, making sure you select the "How To" prefix. You can also ask questions about functions of the forum you may not understand.

Member Suggestions: Finally if you have a suggestion to make about anything to do with the forum, then feel free to post up your idea, selecting the "Member Suggestion" prefix. All ideas will be fairly considered, and whilst it may not be possible to implement all ideas, you will at least be given a reason why if your idea is rejected. You can also use this to post suggestions regarding The Invocation.

Hopefully this section will make it easier for members to feedback on the forum, whilst also making it easier for myself and the rest of the CN staff to support you all.


Disciple of Nagash


True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
Hey everyone,

There are a lot of new changes on the site, and with that, possible bugs.

Coming from a background of years of web application development, the following is Imperative when you report a bug:

1) Browser type/version. Are you using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or something else? Also, what version are you using? You can get the version by going to: Help -> About usually. For Google Chrome, hit the Wrench icon and then "About Google".

2) Try to remember what you did to create the problem, and about what time it happened (with Timezone offset). So if you get funky behavior, DoN can look at the time and say, "Oh, that's when I rebooted the webserver/changed my account/ was using server resources to download sexy pictures of Grish." And so can waste no more time on it, and focus on fixing other issues, or enjoying time with his kids.

3) Try and recreate the error yourself. Every time someone reports a problem, SOMEONE is going to have to try and replicate it. If they can't, it's not a problem, its a one time weird bug.

Thanks everyone!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webprogrammer