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humans run away

Sep 2, 2008
I don't get to do this often, but some Bretonnians wanted a practice game against VC, so I whipped out a VC army. I brought a fairly friendly list and my opponent was initially bothered that I hadn't powered it up more.

Super caster Lord
I took Lore of Beasts. A mistake, but I thought Beast Cowers might be fun. Must remember, Danse is what matters!

BSB, Dread Knights, Infinite Hatred, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Black Periapt
Need someone that can fight. Sort of

Necromancer Danse and Invocation, 2 power stones on corpse cart with Loadstone
Van-Hel's spam when I need it

10 skeletons, champion
The bunker!
25 skeletons, fc, war banner
20 skeletons, fc

7 Black Knights, fc, double unit strength (no barding)
21 Grave Guard, great weapons, full command, Banner of the Barrows
5 fell bats

Lord on Pegasus
static 3 BSB on pegasus
scroll caddy
4x9 Errants
9 Realm
2x5 Pegasus

Against Bretonnians, I deployed the Grave Guard 5 wide instead of 7. BSB with big skeletons to their right, other skeletons to their left, bunker behind. Vargulf, bats and knights a bit out to the left.

I go first and advance the Vargulf. Knights move up a bit behind him. Bats putter around looking to jump behind the Brets after they advance. My infantry don't move up because I want to get some serious raising done before any chance of taking a double lance charge.
Wolf Hunts on the Vargulf draws a scroll and my raising rolls are awesome. 16 zombies (max on Raise and Invocation), and both skeleton units get over 30.

I realized during the magic phase that my super aggressive Vargulf move was a mistake. He should run around causing terror, but he cannot do that when Knights Errant charge him (immune to psych on the charge). And I fear a lance will run him over. Then two lances charge him, so I assume he's toast. Except he's not. He kills 3 knights and makes enough regen saves to stand with 1 wound remaining. Doing the math afterwards, the second lance contributes literally nothing and him standing on 1 wound is about an average result.

Black Knights slam into the front of one of those lances. Double unit strength and the 3 first round kills mean I have numbers and a single kill will autobreak both lances. The fell bats try to land behind to ensure the kill, but only have the range to get behind one lance. I get the zombies up to 28, both fighting skeletons around 40 and the bunker to over 20. Guess I could have moved up more agressively. :)
Combat produces the expected outcome with the Vargulf running down the lance that isn't fell-batted. The cavalry restrain pursuit so they are more of a threat to his center.

He tries to charge pegasus and the BSB into the flank of the knights, but the pegasus fail fear. Doesn't matter, the BSB and his static 3 will wipe out the unit in two combat phases. :( One errant unit turns to face off with the Vargulf, the other two lances advance while the other pegasus run around my right flank.

My turn 3, the Grave Guard and left skeletons advance towards the enemy. I don't want my bunker (even at size 20+) flanked by pegasus knights, so the right skeletons stay a bit further back to screen the bunker. If the pegasus want to flank charge my BSB and enter combat down static 5, that is fine with me. Magic phase means its time for Van Hel's spam. Except silly me my Lord knows Lore of Beasts and cannot cast it. Necromancer uses his own dice and a stone and rolls a 5 and two 6s. Grave Guard charge realm knights who flee. Necromancer uses 2 common pool dice and rolls double 6s. Other skeletons charge knights errant who fail fear and die on the fell bats. They also had the Damsel. It's decided at this point, but we play another turn just to see what happens.

His Lord and right pegasus knights charge the grave guard from both sides. Even if he rolls awesome, the unit won't die and my BSB's unit will flank the pegasus. But that isn't necessary. Lord kills 2 and the one wight that swings back lands a wound. Pegasus kill 3, 2 swings back (Ws 7 means hitting on 2s remember) do two wounds. I win by one and autobreak them, even catching the pegasus knights.

On my turn, my bunker unit charges his lone BSB. Facing no magic defense, I Van Hel's the other skeletons into the last knights errant. After I get off both Van Hel's and Bear's Anger on my general, my unit champion is not needed and my "non-fighting" general cuts the Bretonnian BSB into 6 pieces (all hit, all wound, 1 saved). Now we stop. :)

I lost the knights to a lone hero, but only after they killed two lances. I took no other wounds, even healing the wounded stuff before the end. I didn't get around to killing his last pegasus knights, the realm knights, or chasing down his general.
The Vargulf is simply gross. I understand better why VC players love the thing.


Black Knight
Aug 29, 2008
I bet you will never hear him whine about you not taking a more powerful list in the future Lol. Great report. Just goes to show how tactics and luck can win out even against more powerful lists. I have never tried the Vargulf I just dont like him on paper but everybody raves about him. Maybe I will sit my wraiths out a game and try him out. Anyway nice BR!!!!!!!!!!!!