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The Dark Sheep

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Feb 8, 2008
Welcome to the Index of Painting Guides.

In this thread, you will find links to the various Painting & Modelling related articles featured on Carpe Noctem.

Also added is painting articles from all over the web members feel would be helpful. If anyone has more articles they feel will be of use contact one of the staff or reply in this thread.

If you like our articles, please at least give us a thumbs up or a comment. We use feedback to know what you guys like 👍

Note 14th June 2021
: These links are currently under review. All recent/validated links are in the top section. The ones below are still to be review, please feel free to let us know if you get to them first and they don't work!

Validated Links


Taking Photographs

Painting Metal

Painting Flesh & Skin

Painting Nighthaunt / Spirits / Ghosts




Transporting Miniatures

Advanced Techniques

Unvalidated Links ---------------------------------------------------------------------

General Threads:

Posting Pictures
Transporting Miniatures

Last updated on 8th of July 2018. Please contact Borgnine if you miss some of the older content that was part of this index.Article: The Art of Greenstuffing - Sculpting basics - Carpe Noctem
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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: Index of Painting Guides - Updated 28/07/2010

[mod]P&M articles have been re-uploaded and can now be downloaded again[/mod]


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Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
:siren:The first post got the well-deserved update. I added some of the most recent tutorials I managed to find using the search function. It still needs some work, but for now it's good. Give me a holler if you find another tutorial that should be added here.:siren:

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