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Inferno short stories

El Syf

Crypt Horror
Dec 4, 2011

Near the bottom of the page, it mentions the return of inferno and interestingly josh Reynolds has written two warhammer chronicles pieces for it. One beig titled waking the dragon, I know this could be about anything but there was a certain vampire in the world that was that got referred to as the dragon a fair bit! Also onus it rather strange after going to all the effort of blowin up the old world, GW are now getting one of their authors to write new stories in it...


Staff member
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
That's some interesting news! I don't find that strange, though - upcoming RPG game is happening in the Old World, to say the least. It isn't probably much hassle for them to produce two short stories in that universe - and they are getting some traction for the RPG and eventual Mordheim reboot, some goodwill and interest from people who are still interested in WFB.

Also, let's not forget that the old world was blown up by the old management, maybe some people in the new one still have some fond memories about it and want to create even a symbolic amount of stuff for it :)

Still, thanks for sharing!