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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
As the title suggests, this thread is designed for all members to get to know their admin and moderator team.

It will be a brief bio/description of who were are etc, hopefully so you know us a little better, and who to contact in a certain situation.

So with further ado:

Disciple of Nagash AKA DoN

Position: Owner of Carpe Noctem and Administrator
Location: Originally from Leeds, now living next door in Bradford!

I am the very proud owner of Carpe Noctem as well as its chief Administrator. My main role as admin running the technical side of CN, as well as lokoing after both members and staff. Posting wise you will find me all over the forum and I try offer advice pretty much anywhere from painting to tactical, although after a hiatus I'm slowly working on my Age of Sigmar knowledge! I do love the new Soulblight Gravelords though!

In regards to myself, I'm generally laid back, love a good joke, especially a bit of innuendo! I have no idea how I got the title the Perverted One, although if I didn't love the vamps, I would most certainly be a follower of Slaanesh! I live in the UK, with my missus, have nearly a grown-up daughter and two other step-children as well my beloved husky Luna. Hobby-wise I love motorcycles, martial arts, reading and sci-fi!

As for warhammer I got into it at the wee age of 10 due to some friends in school, starting playing Dwarves, then Undead and have collected them through to VC. (Still miss my S7 T6 lord) Oh and I hate poncy HE...and that counts the new uber poncy Lumineth Realmlords!

I hope that gives you a little insight into me, feel free to PM me with any questions or if you just want a chat.



P.S - Recruiting for my Perverted Army bent on World Domination is always open......
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Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
MasterSpark (usually goes by MS)

Position: Global Moderator.
Location: Malmoe, Sweden.

As a global moderator here on Carpe Noctem, my function is basically to wander the forum sections and make sure that the law is upheld, and that meaningful discussion is had for all to enjoy. You can find me anywhere here on Carpe Noctem as my interests in this hobby span pretty much the entire spectrum, although it is more heavily anchored in the in-game aspect.

My Warhammer history is long and fractured. I was drawn into it by my older brother when I was about 5 years old and I have been collecting ever since, with me currently at the age of 21. Unfortunately, my drive and love of getting anything done and painted up did not follow suit which is why I've never ever had an army painted before. In fact, before I came to Carpe Noctem I hadn't even had an entire unit painted before. Anyway, I came to Carpe Noctem in November 2008 with the intention of re-vamping my Vampire Counts army and that I did. I started a painting log and through the advice and encouragement of others here, my current VC army is well slowly but semi-surely on its way to become my very first complete and painted army. :)

Outside of this hobby you'll find me working on my education as a budding Systems Developer (...think of programming coupled with project-based assignments~) and playing brightly coloured shoot'em'up video games. I've also taken a certain shine to those cool jumping stilts that were featured in the Olympic Games hosted in China some time back, although I'm still very much in the process of learning how to use them with any efficiency. Oh well, I'll get there sooner or later. :cool:

Anyway, every one and all are welcome to contact me through Personal Messages or over MSN messenger (my ID's on my profile page~) if you have any questions or whatnot to share.



Staff member
True Blood
Aug 4, 2010

Position: Council of the Night Mod
Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

I will be moderating the Council of the Night section of the forum, but I'm still going to be found around most of the site! I do tend to flit about, so expect to see me anywhere!

My name’s Mark, and I’m from just outside Stoke-on-Trent in the UK! Which really isn’t all that special :tongue: I’m 17 and have just finished my first year of college! I got into the hobby ... When I was so young I can’t actually remember. But I know that it all started when my brother, who’s three years older, got an issue of White Dwarf. Whilst I’ve had a few ‘breaks’, I always get drawn back in because I simply love the background and the wealth of stories that can be created from it!
I’m especially into writing my own stories, reading the background ... I have loads of models, but never seem to have the motivation to paint them, which I plan to change soon! The first models I got were a box set of the 13th Company Wolfen, which my mum got because she couldn’t find what I actually asked for :L Since then, though, I’ve made my way through all three major systems (Warhammer 40k, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer Fantasy) but I’ve now settled firmly in the Fantasy universe with a slight exploration into 40k.
Beyond Warhammer, I enjoy playing on my Xbox, watching films, reading (I’ve got the largest book collection in my family - a full size bookcase that’s already overflowing), writing (I have a ... Passion) and just hanging out with my mates. Oh, and currently I’m doing 4 hours a week of driving lessons, and can’t wait until I pass my test!

There’s not much more to tell, really, so I’ll see you around!



The Sun King

Staff member
True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
The Sun King aka Sunny [Updated 12.06.21]

Position: Moderator
Location: Copenhagen

Function: I will be focusing on creating content for army lists, tactics and painting. Also, the reason why I love these sacred pages is that the debate is so polite and grown-up - I intend to keep it that way. :)

Personal: My real name is Bjørn and I'm from Denmark. I have a Master of Arts in History and currently work as Quality Assurance Specialist for the danish nuclear company Seaborg Technologies. I have previously worked in several different museums and in the media (doing videography, editing, animation etc.). My non-warhammer hobbies include: rapping, boxing (I'm coach for a youth team in my club) and roleplaying (live action as well as pen and paper).
I've collected, painted and played Undead since 1996. I used to play at the highest competetive level in Denmark (especially in 8th edition) - but the last 5 years I've taken a deep dive into painting and have become quite good at it.

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Mortarch of the Dark Soul
True Blood
Dec 23, 2012
Position: To War! Moderator

Location: Oregon, USA

Function: To use my experience and passion for all things Warhammer and the Undead to assist my fellow staff members and the Carpe Noctem community with tactics, army building, game rulings, battle reports and other related matters that ensure Nagash's reign over the Old World. Of course discussing anything related to our hobby or other shared interests is fine too :)

Personal: I've been involved with hobby games since I was a child. Starting with Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. My first White Dwarf was issue 103, with Dark Future on the cover. Warhammer 40,000 1st edition and Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition captured my imagination, and soon I had legions of space marines, eldar, wood elves and undead playing on a 4x8' board with pine cone trees in my parent's living room. By the time Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness comes out, I eventually build 10,000 points of Emperor's Children and Daemonic Legions of Slaanesh. Now, 25 years later, I've played every edition since. My undead have gone from one army under Nagash, to the split in 5th, the rise of the Tomb Kings and my beloved Necrach in 6th, the overpowered Vampires of 7th and now the current Vampires and Tomb Kings of 8th. Now with the end times and 9th lurking on the horizon, Nagash has returned to unite them again.

During this time I've played casually and competitively. I've participated in and ran large Warhammer events. I've worked in, near and around the hobby and continue to love the hobby as a whole. I expect after 25 years of commanding the forces of undeath (with the occasional elf or servant of the dark gods in there too), and sharing the hobby with my wife (she used to play competitively with Orcs, High Elves and Warriors of Chaos until we had kids), that Warhammer might be here to stay.

I've played most of the armies over the years (never owned a Dwarf or a Bretonnian, but all the rest of them at some point). I currently am playing Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Daemons of Chaos, and Wood Elves.
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Raven Torrid

Staff member
Sep 3, 2011
Raven Torrid aka Raven

Position: The Dark Arts Moderator
Location: Osijek, Croatia

Function: My main focus will be making sure that The Dark Arts section stays vibrant and motivating. I'll be happy to answer questions and provide advice whenever I can. I will also aim to contribute to the forum's visual identity with various artsy endeavours (icons, medals, etc.).

Personal: My name is Vedran and I come from Croatia. I too have been drawn into Warhammer through my older brother. It was back in 1997 when I was 9 and my 6 years older brother saw a White Dwarf (number 213 with Asmodai and Dark Angels on cover) in a shop and it looked interesting to him. It wasn't until several years later that the miniatures themselves became available in my place. I remember starting with Skaven and Space Wolves but then taking a hiatus and returning to the hobby to collect Vampire Counts and Blood Angels/Flesh Tearers. I have always liked the western folklore and gothic myths so it was only natural, and I am a happy bloodsucker since!

I was always most efficient and effective in the conversion side of things but on the other side I am a rather slow painter. Which is something I intend to change. Gaming wise, I used to play mostly friendly games with my local gaming group but have attended a few tournaments as well. In my prime I was also the president of our city's wargaming club and have organized two WHFB tournaments.

Except miniatures, I also have a passion for music (played a bit, but mostly listen) and concerts. I had a long but quiet interest in 3D modelling and recently I have started exploring it more. It basically brings together a lot of the things that interest me (miniatures, graphic design, civil engineering & arhitecture...).

Catch you around and should you have any questions feel free to contact me!​

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Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
Grave Tacticus

Position: Chronicles of Death Moderator
Location: SLC, UT

Like Raven Torrid, I've been brought on to look after a sub-section of the forum, Chronicles of Death. I have some experience writing and editing professionally, so if you want some specific feedback on a project you're working on, please pm me directly.

I've posted bits of my personal story across the forum, my motivation for playing Vampire Counts/Soulblight Gravelords, and so forth, but I will try to condense the core of it here.

I'm from Nevada, but have lived long enough in Utah to be a native, in fact, most of my recent family history is in Utah. The climate is much too dry for my tastes, but I'm stuck here for a few more years, especially since my family had to move back from Florida. Truly, 2020-2021 has been a trying time.

I've been playing Warhammer, off and on, since I was 12. I was introduced to it through an issue of White Dwarf, where Lord Skrolk sided with a mixed force of Nurgle worshippers to defend against a Lizardmen assault in the deep jungles of Lustria. Skrolk's characterization intrigued me, and soon after I had the 5th edition Skaven army book in my possession... I remember how the story of the Skaven's genesis struck me on first reading, and I was team Skaven for many years afterward. As I matured, however, I found myself disliking the Skaven mindset and philosophy. I wanted something more reliable, and what's more reliable than the mindless dead?

2004 saw the commencement of my first vampire force. I recall at the time that zombies were considered the best tarpits, but I wanted the pristine bone of skeleton warriors in my army. I suppose I've been Legion of Blood since the beginning. I ran Empire Knights as Blood Knights and Goblin Spiders as Dire Wolves, styling my Vampire Lord as a Sylvanian noble with arachnid motifs. I played off and on since, until the End Times prompted me to give my army to a friend as a gift. After Age of Sigmar got some proper rules, and GW became more customer focused, my ire died down and I started looking into playing again. I tried Hedonites first, but the siren call of undeath brought me back here, after being absent for so many years.

I'm so pleased to see the forum alive again, and I look forward to fostering our fellowship here and bringing the cold hand of death to our enemies in the field.

Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
Unas the Slayer, aka Unas (aka Killer Angel on Lustria online)

: Moderator,
Location: Omegna, Piemonte, Northern Italy

Actually, i am the Dispenser of Khemrian Knowledge into the realm of Vampires. I'll face the wrath of Settra in the afterlife, but in the meantime I'll do everything i can to support Carpe Noctem and help the forum expand and become a friendly source of informations and inspiration for newcomers.

Oh my... this could be long, so i'll try to keep it simple.
My name is Alberto, i'm 51 (remember guys, i'm not old but experienced) I'm a geologist, I'm married since 17 years and I've got 2 daughters (16 and 13)... and i have an amazing wife that knows my need for this hobby and lets me fully live it.
I was an avid reader, mostly fantasy and FS... actually I'm more a writer of short stories.
I love and listen almost any kind of music, but my first and main love is Heavy metal, in almost all its many forms and subgenres.
Now, warhammer... i have always been interested in it, I've played the first edition of the boardgame Space Hulk (!).
Back in the days, i did search for someone to begin the hobby, but in my town there was no one. Later I found a group of players that were into WHFB, but they were too far from my home (50 km away, and i had no car), so when i knew a group of guys in my area that were playing D&D, the choice was made and i played Roleplaying games for basically 30 years, to the point when i've had a sort of allergic reaction to it. In the last 2-3 years of my RPG experience, finally i found also in my area a group of warhammer players.
The sparks of the old love started again... it was WHFB 8th edition, shortly after Storm of Magic.
Lizardmen (my first army), then Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts... lastly Dwarfs and a bunch of Empire but i was never really fond of these guys.
I loved WHFB, we were playing also 7th ed., and End TImes + AoS has been a traumatic event... i waited for such a long time, and now that i was finally into warhammer, was it the end?
Luckily, AoS turned into a structured game, really cool and that requires a good degree of skill to play it. Very different from oldhammer but still good.
Alas, TK and Dawi were discontinued, but probably it was for the better.

In Aos i actually have Seraphon, LoN and Nightaunts... but sad to be said, i don't have a real passion for Vampires (well, i like them otherwise i wouldn't have a full army), and i don't like zombies or ghouls. I'm more a skeletons type... skeletons and GHOSTS. Man, i do LOVE my Nighthaunts. Spooky death.
Speaking of Nighthaunts, another project i have in my "things to do" list, is to write a 3.0 detailed overview for them, as i think it would be a really nice additional tool for Carpe Noctem. Newcomers love Guides.

Right, i was forgetting 40k. I play it a lot.
imperium armies: SM (actually they are just collecting dust), Grey Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus
Xeno armies: Necrons (skellies in space, baby!) and Tau
Chaos army: Chaos Knights

I think that's all (more or less). Happy to be of help!
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