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Iron Horse, Iron Maiden

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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Seated on her mechanical steed, the iron maiden spied out from atop a rocky mound overlooking the surrounding Bretonnian mountain-area. A temperate autumn wind swept over the foothills as the dying sun cast its orange light across Ashlotte's porcelain features. The great lance-like Krnielk stood beside her, its massive spearhead embedded in the hard soil, the flawless blade blemished by blood and other such ichor, telling of the bested dangers and challenges that had been presented before it.

Eyeing the landscape in front of her, Ashlotte searched for any clue as to where her newly assigned destination were. Some time earlier, her mistress had sent a message through their shared essence, requesting that she were to cease all current activity and immediately travel to a location where a group of vampires were likely to pass by on their journey towards the Blood Keep. Ashlotte had never met a vampire before, at least not any aside from her mistress, and she had never heard of a place called a Blood Keep either, so the iron maiden felt a tiny bit of curiosity over this new task. However, her mistress had also warned her that she must approach the fellowship with a courteous manner and cautious words, lest she accidentally anger the more prideful and arrogant of them. She had also been told that the group would apparently be travelling, at least part of the way, in something called an Unholy Patisserie, a vast moving fortress-structure the size of a smaller town. This would likely make the iron maiden's search easier and upon finding the vampires, she were to join them and offer them what assistance she could provide, as well as to be the eyes and ears of her mistress.

Gears and cogs rattled and clanked from within her as Ashlotte again went over the instructions that she had been given. She had only been given the direction to travel towards the east without any further details. Still, the iron maiden did not worry over this as she had confidence in her proficiency as a scout. Grabbing the haft of the Krnielk beside her, she wrenched the large weapon from the earth and spurred her iron horse towards the east, making sure to stay atop high ground to give her a better vantage point. The setting sun was gradually giving in to the beckoning darkness of the Bretonnian night and soon, the countryside would be teeming with mischievous critters emerging from their hiding places. Ashlotte brandished her repeater pistol in her free hand and gave the weapon a quick look-over, the many barrels of the firearm rotating around the center point before coming to a stop with a snapping click. She was ready for a night of ballistic excercise.
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