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Ironlords New Ogres


Black Knight
Oct 11, 2008
Hi guys, its been a while since my last update on these forums so I thought I would show you what I've been working on.
Since I started Beastmen and High Elves long before the start of 8th edition I thought I should maybe start a new small army. So to try something completely different I thought that I would do Ogre Kingdoms, most of my armies are very infantry heavy, meaning that I have to paint hundreds of models on 20mm or 25 mm bases. So painting up some 40mm bruisers (no pun intended) will be a nice change of pace for me.
I already have 5-6 plastic ogres that I bought while trying to expand my vampire counts. I converted them slightly to give them the impression of being undead, so I hacked out some flesh, green stuffed some intestines and poked them with arrows and let the paint job sell the “undead” feel of the models.
Converting them back too the living was easy, all I needed to do was fix them back up to look like they were living. I decided early on that I wanted to give my Ogres a chaos theme, I know that the ogres follow “The Great Maw” but I decided that maybe this off shoot had abandoned their worship of the Great Maw in favour of worshipping the chaos pantheon. The arrow that you see pointing down on the Bellower's head is greenstuffed as I had some left over from repairs.
Having made the models I decided too go with a very heavily tanned skin tone, something that is very different from my pale and pasty Macedonian based High Elves. It also gives me the opportunity to mess around with the Devlan Mud wash, which is always good.
For this skin tone I used Tallarn Flesh (foundation) washed with Devlan Mud, then washed with a 50/50 mixture of Devlan Mud and a watered down Macharite Red. The skin is then given an extreme highlight with finely dry brushed Tallarn Flesh.
The faces were washed with a watered down black paint to help with the blood red eyes (they wouldn't be servants of chaos without blood red eyes would they?).

Group Shot
Captain Shoutey
Banner Waver

The Bases are started with a watered down Snakebite Leather, after it dries you then highlight it with a dry brushed Dheneb Stone, the rim is done in Dheneb Stone because, as a foundation paint. It gives an even colour all the way around.

So what do you think?
Any suggestions.
I'm currently wondering if I should put static grass on the base (In small clumps of course) but I don't know if I should even use it if I am going for the idea that the ogres are out in the desert. I'll include fluff of course at a later point but I'm a bit busy working on the Doom Seeker Issue 5.


Master Liche
True Blood
Jun 6, 2010
That is a very intresting idea the ogre's worshiping chaos I love it. I have a small ogre army started myself but put it aside for my sylvanian empire army. The colors your choosing are strong ones too I look forward to seeing it on the figures.