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is Anvil of Doom range attack?

Mar 27, 2010
is Anvil of Doom range attack?
Foked Lighting (Lore of Heaven) is range attack?

Can banner of bloody keep make save against them?


True Blood
Nov 27, 2008
Anything that attacks you and is not in close combat is in fact a ranged attack.

Of course there are exceptions:
Night Goblin Fanatic Hits are NOT ranged attack, they are in fact, VERY close.
Bladewind dark elf spell and Hydra's Teeth dark elf item both cause "close combat attacks" even though they are used at range.

Probably some more exceptions I forget, but anyway, the Anvil of Doom's Wrath is a ranged attack and any damage spell in lore of heaven is definitely a ranged attack, even the comet.

So yes for the banner.