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Is this thing still on? If so, looking for a 1k friendly game.

Jun 15, 2013
Haven't seen much action in this thread, or any at all; and was curious if it was defunct or not.

If it stil wrks, I'd love to get a game. A friendly game would be appreciated, by that I mean tone-wise. I need to get my head around the rules, and would like a light-hearted game whilst I get my face stomped in.


Lord of RAW
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True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
The section certainly still functions, it just needs a bit of a dusting off :tongue:

If no one else is willing I could be your opponent, however the only army I know are Vampire counts and VC on VC is not a very good match up for beginners (there are a lot of special rules an elements of the game that just don't come into play). I could attempt to learn a new army as we play but I fear that I may forget too many things to provide you with a proper experience.