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It’s all Mists & Shadows to me!

May 25, 2016
In preparation for the AOS Summer Campaign that has been taking place at my local GW store I’ve been combing through the AOS: General’s Handbook, Grand Alliance: Death Battletome and the .pdf Warscrolls to write up some 1,000pts Army Lists. During my frantic scribbling I’ve stumbled upon a query that I need some clarification on regarding the ‘Cloak of Mists & Shadows’. Those of you who have scoured through the AOS: General’s Handbook are familiar that it is an Artefact entry from the Artefacts of Death Table that we can select/generate from for a single Death Hero before the start of a game. However it also shows up as an Ability in Heinrich Kemmler’s entry from the Vampire Counts Warscrolls .pdf, which now presents my query for your rumination.

Can I give a Death Hero the ‘Cloak of Mists & Shadows’ as an Artefact of Death if I also use Heinrich Kemmler in the same army?

In an attempt to answer this question for myself I’ve deduced the following:

To argue “yes” you can outline that since Heinrich Kemmler uses ‘Cloak of Mists & Shadows' as an Ability, not as an Artefact of Death, it should technically allow another Death Hero in the force to take the 'Cloak of Mists & Shadows' from the Artefacts of Death Table. To add weight to this argument the rules stated in both entries are not word-for-word the same. Yes, they both technically do the same function but the manner of HOW they work are subtly different from one another.

On the other hand, from a logical, and dare say fair play, perspective you could also argue “no” as this option could be interpreted to go against the “no two Heroes can be given the same Artefact” rule outlined in the AOS: General’s Handbook. To further this point the Artefact of Death entry can be argued to function just like an Ability, as it provides an optional manoeuvre for its wielder to use during a game. And the final nail in the proverbial coffin, they are both named exactly the same as the 'Cloak of Mists & Shadows'.

On the whole the Cloak of Mists & Shadows isn’t a game breaking item, it only allows the bearer to be redeployed within a certain radius and outside a given parameter from enemy units during your Hero Phase. If it allowed an unit of multiple models like the Necron’s ‘Veil of Darkness’ or the ‘The Spirits of Fellblood’ formation I could see that it could fall victim to misuse and make the game unpleasant for the opponent.

Before I end up confusing myself I’m going to step aside to hear your opinions and arguments on the issue. Besides, I think I can smell my dinner burning! * dashes with great haste into a raging inferno emanating from the crypt’s kitchen*
Oct 22, 2014
Yes, you can. Kemmler's cloack is not an artifact.

P.S. Next time, order your ghouls to do cooking, they are gourmands really.