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IvorTangrean's Tale of X Gamers

So the new rulebook is not quite out yet but I figured I would post my starting point and get the ball rolling. What can I say I am itching to start painting these guys, so this will have to do for now. My army is almost all Mantic models as they look great and you can't beat the price. Anyway on to the show.

My Pledge:
25 Grave Guard 270pts
60 Skeletons 360pts
1 Necromancer 55pts
1 Vampire Lady 200pts
1 Wight King BSB 100pts

10 Wraiths 500pts
1 Vampire on Hellsteed 125pts
2 Corpse Carts ( plus conversion ) 200pts
6 Blood Knights
1 Vampire Lord with Dread Knight 230pts

My Characters:

My Unpainted Skeletons:

My Painted Skeleton Unit:

My Future Corpse Carts:

My Grave Guard:

My Wraiths:

My Blood Knights:



Vampire Lord
True Blood
It's a go! The flag's waving, and the clock starts ticking.

Good luck to you, and here's hoping to see you, and a horde of painted models, at the end of our road! :thumbsup:


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Hehe...good to know people read my plog.
Can't wait to see those mantic skellies done, they look like they will be interesting.
Ok second coat for the bones. Next is the cloth, which is going to be dark angel green.

uga bug

Black Knight
Your bone looks very good, it'll be interesting to see your finished unit. It will make a change to see green on skeletons for once!


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Uga Bug said:
Your bone looks very good,
Oh Lord. Sanai, DoN, do what you will. =)

Looks good though. You have any specific recipe, or is that Bleached Bone/Another color straight from the bottle?


Stylish Deviant
True Blood

hehe, rising.

I love how you have put sand on different parts of the skeletons other than the base, looks like a great idea. (Thats the problem with skeleton sex on the beach, you get sand in all kind of places)
Onikaigo said:
Looks good though. You have any specific recipe, or is that Bleached Bone/Another color straight from the bottle?
Khemri Brown base coat with a dry brush of Dheneb Stone. I am later going to wash the whole model with Devlan Mud to dirty it up.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Sanai said:

hehe, rising.

Great to see we have already started with the perverted humour xD

The Mantic skellies look promising, I have some as well to do, so look forward to seeing how yours turn out.
Well here is 10 of them with the green on them should have the others done tomorrow. I may have to touch up the bones in the end as I did get some green where I should not have.




Master Liche
True Blood
They are looking even better now, love the green clothing from stirland eh. Guess they ventured to close to the border. Doing a great job, keep it up.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Looking good so far, although I can't see the last two pictures. Maybe re-upload them or fix the links?
Looking good, not too sure about the green, but will interested in seeing the final result. Reminds me I have to continue with mine...Keep up the good work


Master Liche
True Blood
I tried green once in 6th edition for a unit of skeletal elves to go with my wraith hero named santawraith. Needless to say they got striped in 7th. I just didnt like how they turned out but I am really intrested in seeing hows yours work out.
Sorry about the delay so here we go. I got a little bored so for a change of pace I did up a unit of wraiths in the technique very common on this board by SethDrallitoc.



now their bases are not complete because I am not sure how I am going to base the army yet.