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Khaine magic and Nagash stored dices

Sep 20, 2012
If I have Nagash in my army and I roll that i can use 2 dices for magic, may I take some stored dices from Nagash staff and take additional dices from there to une 3 or more dices to cast a spell even the precasting dice point that I normally could use only 2. If this is correct, where I can have confirmation for that? That'll make our Naggie even more poverful in Khaines magics.


Crypt Horror
May 6, 2014
Is the wording for the dice limit in khaine magic the same as the wording for the 6 dice limit in the brb? If so definitely yes, if not then maybe.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
It's not 100% clear, but since the dice can be applied above the usual 6 die limit in regular games, it's reasonable to interpret that they can be applied above the d6 limit in ETM. A nice advantage for big N, though in general the vulnerability to being temporarily shut up by that one turn silence spell, or permanently shut up by unmaking or nickit, imo, more than offset his strengths, at least when playing against factions with access to those spells is a possibility.


Vampire Count
Oct 28, 2011
Hmmm he should not suffer from his Books getting stolen/destroyed.

However, reading his rules, he does not generate his spells as, for example, Mannfred does, where he can choose between all his known lores, in any combination, to roll from his Wizard level. Then again, the base rules for a Lvl 5 Wizard should enter play once his books are gone, leaving him with a standard "choose from between all his spell lores available" because he is still a wizard, and should keep Lore of Undeath regardless.

This is going to be the same as gearing against them: Magical weapons + a lance or other Special weapons just in case they get destroyed =( we'd say: "Nagash knows spells from the Lore of Undeath for his Wizard status, but here are his 9 spells from his 9 books"