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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
I recently fell in love with Nicholas Eames' 'Bands' novel series, starting with Kings of the Wyld. The plot is that a retired mercenary band leader puts his team back together to rescue his best friend's daughter from a city besieged by a horde that would make the Beastmen blush.
The gimmick is that mercenary bands in this world are treated as rock bands. They even have frontmen. It is a hilarious idea that I simply couldn't resist. All the memebrs of the protagonist's band match up to rock star archetpes. There was even a brief mention of a hero named Elvais who died on the toilet.
The villain is an elf (called druin here) with rabbit ears. Rabbit ears.
I strongly recommend this to anyone who likes quirky fantasy.
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