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Kings of War Background Discussion

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I finished reading the background for Kings of War (minus each section devoted to specific armies). I know it isn't as vibrant as WFB's was, but I really liked several of the concept in here, and though I would share, and see what other's liked/disliked and noticed.


- Dwarves, rather then the traditional isolationists, or declining, are a expanding empire. There is also a nice divide between different types of dwarves, imperial, free, and abyssal. There are also mention of some clans elsewhere, such as in the plains (whose name I am forgetting) with all the fractured provinces. Lots of great opportunities for different themed and painted dwarf armies, yay!

- I quite like the dual nature of all the divine powers. Its intriguing and different.

- Ice Elves? Awesome! Think of the awesome potential for a themed list around these. I also really like how while the elves are fractured, and declining, there is some great power there, and they are still connected by their queen and area of neutrality.

- Humans, I LOVE the way humans are represented in this. Basically its either A the border princes, or B the overly zealous hegemony of Basillea. Lots of variation and room for expansion. The narrative isn't centered around humans, which is refreshing.

-The background is written with lots of compelling seeds for themed allied forces, which I love. Or just variation within the same army.


-The Abyssal rift seems a lot like the chaos waste, just not in the north. I do like the idea of abyssal princes imprisoned there/ protected there, but it expanding and corrupting outward is a little meh.

-Orcs at least in the main background seem regulated to just being marauders and puppets. Hoping the orc specific section yields more information. I am also really hoping that the orcs and goblins in this world don't have the goofy humor of WFB versions. I know some people loved this, and at times I did to, but I would like to see a change.

-Elves still on the decline, not just decline but twilight of their race :/. Couldn't we get say reeling from major destruction but have the potential to come back? Twilight of the race is so bleak :/

Overall I think the background was pretty solid at left a lot of room the expand and explore.


Vampire Count
True Blood
I really like the 'fresh' feel of the world. I like that there is so much blank space to fill in, and the various races manage to stay true to their various tropes without being stale and tired. I particularly like the Abyss, being a suitable "Chaos Wastes" analogy, without the thematic drawbacks.
Playing Dungeon Saga. It takes place in the same world and expands the fluff a fair bit. It is making me appreciate the world more that I play it.
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Grave Guard
Are we also discussing the quality of writing? I never realized that GW actually hired half-decent writers for the majority of their books until I read the fluff in KoW. The writing is pretty bad. I have never been a huge fluff guy but I read all the fluff in the GW books, with the KoW fluff I had to stop after nine pages because I just found it to be very poorly written.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Well, you've got to remember that GW had what, 25 years to refine their background? Back in the day it was just as rough as Kings of War. I think I like that the KoW background is written very much with the idea of it being a setting for a wargame in mind, where a lot of the WHFB stuff was written with the intent of being a story, and frankly most of them weren't very good stories.


Grave Guard
I think you misunderstood me. I was commenting on the quality of the writing not on the plot of the stories. I feel like I'm kind of derailing this thread. Sorry. :rolleyes: