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Kitbashing skeletons and human/elven troops

Mar 6, 2012
I got a few Cursed Company Skeletons and I want to keep the theme going. I was thinking of kitbashing some skeletons with High Elves, Dark Elves, and Empire infantry.

It's simple enough to swap a normal trooper head with a skull, but I fear that's not enough. What is the best combination so that the model is clearly a skeleton but also clearly an Elf warrior?

I cannot be the first person to have tried this, if there is any pictures on Carpe Noctem that you are aware of, I'd really appreciate a link to it.


Staff member
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
I feel you, undeadifying elves is an unpleasant task! I did a small amount of them for my zombie legion - and while most of them are fleshy, I did some skeletons too.

I also thought that swapping the head was not enough, so I gave them also skeleton hands, leaving only torso and 'the dress' elven. You can see it below on the dude with the horn. It's also basically exactly what the Cursed Company elf is sporting. If that doesn't work, I think that putting skeleton torso with head and hands on that 'dress' would do its job well too. Maybe also sculpting a pointy helmet on that skull?

Aug 31, 2014
Since the skeletons would essentially be the same, it's in the equipment. Use bits that are iconic from the Elf kits and put skulls on them!

These were some of the first models I ever made and painted for Warhammer.