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KS Undeads, Fallen County of Ampurias - LastSword

May 8, 2019
Hello guys!

I am Isaac ( Comi ) from LastSword Miniatures. We are a tiny company from Spain and we are working on a new Kickstarter of... Undeads of course!

I going to publish here the news about our models, and I would like to collect all your opinions, goods or bads.

And not, lets go to Business....


The Falle County of Ampurias will be the name of the campaign. We are planning to launch a small Kickstarter with a Skeleton Warriors and a few extra characters. Multicomponent and multipose miniatures that you can use to play skirmish or big battles wargames.

Our Skeleton Warriors are four different mains bodies and some extra pieces that you can glue "as you want". So you will get a big variety of miniatures. Furthermore the Command Group are bits that you can glue in any of these four bodyes.

I let you here some pictures of two models:

The Bearer, is a common Skeletor Warrior with a Command Group bit.



This is a regular Skeleton Warrior:



And now The Anointed Count of Ampurias!!! Characters are monopose models.



And that is for the moment!

You can read and see extra pictures of our models at: Latsword.com

Thank you guys!