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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
This is just a collection of short stories I have about various Vampire characters I wrote short stories about but never had time to give them their own proper tales.

Many of my more used characters often take part.

All the stories will tie together in some fashion, they're basically just a bunch of stories about vampire citizens of Lahmia (in some cases before they're vampires).

Some of the stories are a little old so they might conflict with the current fluff, but really who cares? They should only conflict with newer BL stuff and it can be ignored anyway! :tongue:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment if you wish.

Edit: OOPS! Almost forgot! Inspired by the The Scrolls of Malochai

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
The Archer

Lahmian Royal Palace​

Atem shuffled his feet nervously in the waiting area just outside the throne room feeling absolutely terrified. Atem had served in the army for most of his life having been signed up as a child by his father so that he would be cared for, in those years he had served in one of Lahmia’s Archer contingents. For most of his adult life he had lived outside of the city protecting the City’s foreign assets and fighting on campaign.
The past three years he had been reassigned to the City garrison, the return to civilisation had been hard for the Lahmian, were as large part of the military were non-Lahmian barbarians and were expected to stand outside of society Atem was different. Lahmian born he was expected to act as a completely civilised citizen which was exceptionally difficult for the archer. Even worst he had been raised to an officer rank, although likely that promotion had only been due to his Nehekharan birth in an army were a large portion of the archers were non-Nehekharan origins.
He glanced at the two Royal Guards stationed at the closed double doors of the throne room. They always made the soldier feel uncomfortable, these men were amongst considered the elite and lived a better life than any ordinary soldier could imagine. Of course Atem’s comrades had always said that they suffered the same weakness that any palace guard did, lack of actual fighting experience, considering them soft. The only factor which openly contradicted this was the Captain of the Royal Guard Abhorash, he was said to be an unbelievably skilled warrior and that he ensured all of the soldiers under his direct command would also be as skilled as they possibly could. Atem believed the Captain was probably ultimately responsible for the city’s garrison which would explain why it was a far more disciplined environment than he had expected before contingent’s return.
Atem’s attention returned to the present when the double doors were thrown open and a group of black robed men shuffled out, they had their cowls drawn up to hide their features but their garb was identification enough. These were the custodians of the Great Library and priests of the relatively new Temple of Blood who followed High Priest W’soran. Admittedly Atem knew very little about the religion of the city except that it was changing, the Old Gods of Nehekhara were being rejected and forgot about and instead the Great Lords of the city such as the Queen and her brother the Lord of Masks Ushoran, her Captain Abhorash and the High Priest to name a few were being practically deified. The majority of the robed men continued out of the hall but one split off and, to Atem’s alarm, walked towards the Archer.

”Archer Atem of the Lahmian Home Garrison?” the figure rasped.

Atem had to fortify himself to ensure he didn’t recoil physically from the figure, he could see the man’s terrifyingly corpse-like features up close…this priest had the same rotten skin affliction that W’soran and his chosen disciples suffered. Yet despite this obvious illness they seemed as strangely long lived as the Queen and her highest servants had for great Abhorash, the huge Ushoran and the beautiful Neferata had seemingly not aged a day in living memory.
Still they were the blessed Lords of the City and no doubt this was simply some sign of their divinity. Atem was no scholar so he banished these ponderings to turn back to the stranger.

”Yes holy one.” he said bowing his head respectfully.

The robed figure laughed, a dry emotionless sound, before responding.
”Holy one? That is not necessary. My name is Nekhlior, you may address me as such.”

”Nekhlior then…ah…are they…I mean is her majesty ready?”

The priest laughed again, the inhuman sound setting Atem’s teeth on edge.
”Ah yes she is ready for you…amongst others.”

”Others?” Atem asked, his voice rising to an embarrassingly high tone.

Nekhlior chuckled, replacing the soldier’s nervousness with annoyance that this scholar might be mocking him. The priest turned and strode back towards the throne room, waving for the soldier to follow him.
”Come archer.”

Atem swallowed a new sharp feeling of fear and followed the other man hesitantly, turning his hesitant steps into a purposeful march. Once in the room he followed until he was half way towards the throne room until Nekhlior turned and held his hand up to the other man.

”Stand there.” the scholar said softly before turning and walking towards the throne.

Atem felt his horror rise as he looked around the room. Royal Guards lined the walls and standing to the left hand of the throne was the large figure of Abhorash, he had his helmet removed display his cold serious features, the Captain also held a huge two handed sword with the point sitting on the ground.
To the right of the throne stood W’soran, like his disciples he wore long black robes although he had his hood down displaying the full terror inspiring physical features looking like a corpse rather than a man, admittedly an amused looking corpse. It was beside the High Priest that Nekhlior now stood, the priest had pulled down his hood to display a similar appearance. With the arrival of his disciple the two began to speak quietly in hushed tones.
Next to these two mummified looking scholars stood a huge man to rival even Abhorash’s stature. The handsome man was Ushoran the Lord of Masks, brother to the Queen. He stood speaking to a tall and thin nobleman relatively loudly, their voices were rich and refined sounding precisely as you would expect any cultured high born man of the greatest City in the world to sound.
Finally the Queen herself sat on the Throne surrounded by young handmaidens lounging lazily on the steps around their mistress. In any other setting their beauty would have been breath taking but next to Neferata herself they were horribly diminished by her presence. Neferata smiled at the new arrival, her unworldly grace seemed to brighten up the entire room and stole the peasant’s breath away.
He jumped slightly when she turned to an eastern looking handmaiden and spoke so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he heard.

”Hmm…he is handsome.”

Atem stared in shock as the Queen turned to him with an almost predatory smile.

”So you are Atem, you look better in the light.” she said, her voice rich with amusement.

”Light?” Atem uttered in confusion, his mind still numb from the sight of his Queen.

”She means the Tournament.” Ushoran laughed, having turned his attention to the newcomer.

Atem frowned for a moment before realising what the Lord of Mask’s meant, the last annual Archery Tournament held for the city’s archers, the first Atem had ever attended, had struck the soldier as odd for it had been held at night…in hindsight occasions were Neferata or any of these important men and women had been seen in public were always at night or during the rare cloudy days. The archer fully realised just how strangely pale the city’s elite were…pale and long lived. Again he pushed these thoughts aside as the Queen spoke.

Neferata glanced sideways at her brother.
”I can speak for myself dear brother” she purred.

Ushoran flashed a winning smile at his sister which clearly had no effect.
”Of course sister of mine.”

Neferata swung her gaze back to her summoned citizen, the warmth returning to her expression.
”So Archer Atem…you don’t bow to your Queen?” she asked.

Atem almost jumped and sketched a swift and very poorly executed bow much to Neferata’s handmaidens’ apparent delight as their musical laughs caused Atem to blush with shame.

When he had the courage to look back at Neferata he saw, to his shock, that the Queen was wearing a kind expression.
”I was joking my loyal servant.” she said with more warmth than the woman’s usual icy exterior would suggest she was capable of. ”Have you guessed why I brought you here?” she asked

Atem shook his head soundlessly.

”Hmm…I had imagined from his record that he would be somewhat brighter.” W’soran said to himself, looking at no one in particular.

Ushoran shook his head.
”Always so cruel.” he sighed.

Neferata rolled her eyes.
”Well back to the topic at hand. As you are no doubt aware we saw you at the tournament last week and we were impressed, were we not?” she asked glancing at her servants.

”Most certainly, we could use someone like you on our royal hunts.” Ushoran said with a grin.

W’soran nodded. ”I know little of warfare but I imagine if we had many more with accuracy such as yours it would greatly add to the city’s military prowess.”

Abhorash glanced at the others with something akin to disdain before turning his gaze to back to the soldier.
”You have great talent and skill, given enough time I would imagine you could outshoot anyone in the land.” he said seriously.

Atem admitted some shock at the praise, true he had won the tournament but only the current garrison could compete and Atem was more experienced and older than the vast majority of them. He was good with a bow but he had never seen his natural aptitude as anything uncommonly.

Abhorash continued in his severe tone.
”More importantly your record speak well of itself, not only were you an obedient rank and file but when the occasion called for it you were fully capable of taking command of the archer contingents. You show a lot of tactical skill for one without any professional military officer training.”

Neferata give her usual dazzling smile and reached out to pat her tall champion on the shoulder, easily within reach from her raised throne before turning back to Atem.
”Which brings me to our next point. You are not only a skilled archer but a surprisingly good leader of men…I have need for such servants and so I will make you an offer.”

The Queen tapped her champion on the shoulder once more and nodded.

Abhorash turned and gestured to one of his men holding an item wrapped in cloth.
”Ankarash.” he captain said.

A tall broad chested man in the ornate armour of the royal guard stepped forward and strode towards the Queen, bowing deeply as he presented the silk wrapped object.

Neferata took the item and smiled.
”Thank you Guardsman Ankarash.”

Staying bowed Ankarash walked backwards several steps before straightening and walking back to his original position, for a short moment he give Atem an encouraging smile.

Neferata smiled and waved Atem forward.
”You may approach soldier, I have a gift for you.”

The archer walked hesitantly up to the throne, he went to bow when he caught Abhorash giving the slightest shake of his head.

Neferata smiled and descended the throne her movement was almost hypnotising, the smallest detail such as the shifting of her dark lush hair drew the archer’s eyes.
As she walked down the throne her handmaidens stood and moved out of the way looking somewhat shocked that their mistress had moved.

She held out the item to the soldier.
”Unwrap it.” she commanded.

Atem reached out carefully feeling awkward at the situation, a Queen not only presenting him with a gift personally but also holding it for him. Even more oddly it was a sizeable item and she held it as if it weighed nothing at all.

He was so uncomfortable that it took him a moment to realise what the object she held actually was.

A bow.

A beautiful longbow.

The man reached out carefully but pulled his hand back at the last moment.

”It’s fine…take it.” Neferata urged softly.

Atem ran a finger down the bow, the beautiful and careful serpent engravings running down the weapon’s limbs no doubt representing the Asp Goddess.
After admiring the bow he finally took it from the Queen. The weapon was surprisingly heavy, he felt another moment of shock at how Neferata had held it so effortlessly. He pulled held it for a moment and drew it back carefully, it was an unusual feeling as the archer was used to using a short composite bow and not a large longbow such as this.
Atem drew the string back a few times to his cheek before realising where he was and stopped feeling ashamed at being so absorbed but saw that Neferata looked pleased.

”You like it then.” she stated, not really a question.

”Yes…I do…of course I do. It’s amazing but…I’m not worthy of the bow, I’m a mere peasant.”

Ushoran laughed drawing the archer’s gaze.
”Well that depends. That bow is a family heirloom, our father used it.” he said jokingly, laughing again at Atem’s horrified expression ”On the other hand the former King was a useless shot and your skill does the weapon much more honour surely?”

It took Atem a moment to realise that the Lord of Masks was trying to be kind although his comments were making Atem feel more out of place, although his overly aristocratic features alone did that.

Neferata laughed softly and returned to her throne. Looking down at Atem she smiled.

”I’m afraid there is a price attached to this gift.”

”I...what can I possibly offer one so blessed as you my Queen?” he asked hesitantly.

W’soran broke out into a fit of hysteria, laughing his dry cold laugh as he shook his head.
”D…divine.” he cackled.

Neferata glared at the High Priest until he managed to suppress his visible amusement although he kept grinning.

”The price that I ask is this soldier…I wish for you to take a position I have left absent for far too long. I want you to become my Master of Arrows, my champion of Archers and…well Abhorash can explain your duties, if you accept.” Neferata said, the last lacked the warmth she had displayed thus far, she spoke it coldly and Atem had a terrible premonition that if he declined this offer he wouldn’t be leaving these chambers.

”I…I accept your majesty, I just hope I won’t fail you.”

Abhorash grunted.
”If you do you’ll be replaced…and the position is for life.” he said warningly ”Are you sure you wish this?”

Atem nodded.
”Of course, I will serve as best I can and take the consequences of my choices sir.”

Abhorash smiled slightly and nodded to Neferata.

”Very well. I will have the heralds make the announcements today, you will have many more responsibilities to both the army and my court.” the Queen explained.

Atem frowned, he was fairly certain the Master of Arrows, despite his title didn’t attend court. They were still often peasants after all. Still…if this is what the Queen wanted.

Neferata nodded and lounged back on her throne.
”I will leave you to Abhorash, you will be given new quarters in the Barracks and also rooms in the palace if I need you to stay on hand. I believe the captain also has some changes he wants done to the city’s archery garrison…but I’ll leave that to him to explain.” she said, it was clear the Queen was growing bored.

She turned to Abhorash.
”Take him and explain everything our new Master of Arrows needs to know.”

Abhorash nodded and walked past Atem who bowed swiftly before walking swiftly to try and catch up with the Captain. As he left the room he heard the Queen speak to her handmaidens once more.
”A little shorter than I like but still…very handsome…for a peasant.”

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
The Soldier


Ankarash watched the courtyard below, lines of marksmen fired their bows under the watchful eye of their new commander Atem.

”So this is Nefereta's new pet?”

The warrior glanced around to see a beautiful woman smirking at him, she was lean, pale and dark haired. The sight of her brought a faint smile to Ankarash's face.

”Don't you mean 'our majesty' or perhaps 'my mistress?' You're being quite...what's the word? Impertinent aren't you Akela?”

The Queen's Handmaiden grinned, ignoring the question she stepped up to the edge of the balcony to look down at the humans below.

”So is this him then? Lahmia's new Master of Arrows.”

Ankarash nodded and turned his attention back to the archers.

”Yes, that's him.”

Akela made a dismissive sound.
”He doesn't look like much to me.”

The guardsman laughed.
”Well he is rather far below.

”You've spent some time with him, have you not?”

”Indeed I have. I accompanied him on a few of his inspections, night inspections of course, and introduced him to a few of his fellow officers.”

Akela's fingers tapped the banister as she frowned at the warrior, her impatience for an answer clear ”And?”

Anakarash shrugged.
”What do you want? He's a man. A skilled archer, dedicated soldier, talented fighter. He's intelligent, loyal and utterly overwhelmed with the changes that have been forced upon him...but he's coping.”

The woman glanced back to the practising archers.
”But why did my sire grow interested in him? What made Nefereta so intrigued by his presence? Is he handsome?”

”I don't know!” Ankarash said with annoyance. ”He won the last archery tournament and his military record is...interesting. I suppose she finds him pleasant enough to look at and perhaps is more than a little fascinated his...innocence.”

Akela tilted her head slightly.
”Innocence? I thought he was a solider? He's killed surely?”

Ankarash sighed softly.
”Yes but he still believes in things such as honour, loyalty, mercy and kindness. Very human qualities that, as we know, are hardly prevalent in our kind. ”

”What about Abhorash? Isn't he honour personified?”

Ankarash laughed coldly an ugly expression on his face.
”The Captain is a fool, he doesn't hold onto honour and loyalty because he believes he should. He holds onto them because he's terrified of what he's become. For all his power and strength my creator is an utter coward, too fearful and weak to simply accept that we are monsters.”

Akela's looked sadly at the other immortal before carefully laying a hand on his shoulder, she waited until she was sure he wouldn't pull away before speaking.
”I knew what you thought of our kind but I had no idea that you hated your father so much.”

Ankarash flinched at the word father but didn't pull away.

After another few moments of silence the Childe of the Queen spoke again.
”So...do you think she'll have him turned?”

The hate on Ankarash's face faded away and he shook his head slightly.
”I hope not.” he told her softly.

Akela gently turned the man around before leaning against him, resting her head lightly against his chest.
”Hush now my hero. How about you introduce me to this paragon of humanity?”

Ankarash looked down at his mate and smiled slightly.

”Very well, let's go see our friend.”


Atem saw a two figures approaching from the direction of the Palace, one familiar and one not. He turned to one of his lieutenants and nodded.

”Dismiss the men.” he commanded before striding towards the newcomers.

As they got closer Atem was struck by the similarities between Ankarash and the woman with him.

Both were quite tall, both were physically impressive although the woman in a much more subtle fashion as she was lean where the warrior was broad. They were also both quite obviously well bred, looking like they could be a pair of Warrior-Royalty from old.

Atem saluted, fist over his chest with a slight dip of his head causing Ankarash to chuckle at the archer.

”I've asked you to stop doing that Atem. I'm a member of the Royal Guard, I don't actually outrank you anymore in-fact maybe I should salute you as the Highest Commander of Lahmia's Archery contingents?” he asked sounding amused.

The archer opened his mouth but couldn't think of a proper response before Ankarash continued.

”This” he started waving towards his companion ”is Lady Akela, she is one of the Queen's Handmaidens.”

”Which means I laze around and do nothing most days.” Akela added with a smile.

Atem was stunned by the woman's beauty but he managed a respectable enough bow.

“It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Akela.”

She laughed looking delighted.
”You said he was a good soldier Ankarash but you never mentioned how much of a charmer he was. And my guess is right, he is handsome.”

Atem frowned.

Ankarash rolled his eyes.
”You're both making him uncomfortable and stroking his ego Akela.”

The handmaiden grinned at the warrior.

It was rare to see a Lady and Soldier, even a Royal Guardsman, together joking as they were. He frowned slightly before asking the question slowly.

”Excuse me if I'm overstepping my boundaries but are you two...ah...”

Ankarash raised an eyebrow in surprise at the question but Akela spoke first.

”Yes, I am Ankarash's wife.”

If the guardsman had looked surprised before then he looked shocked now before recovering.

”Ah...yes that's correct. Akela is my...wife.” he affirmed slowly much to Akela's apparent pleasure.

Atem was perhaps not the most socially observant man but even he could tell there was something very odd about the exchange.

Ankarash cleared his throat loudly.

”So...what do you think of the Queen's gift?” he said nodding to the bow.

Atem glanced down at his left hand which grasped the weapon in question.

”It is...good, better than good...it must have been blessed by the Gods.”

Akela tilted her head slightly ”Which Gods? Surely you mean the Temple of Blood? The Queen and such?”

Atem froze in fear, he had no idea what the current religious situation in the city was except that it was changing but the exact “how” or “into what” escaped him.

”Akela...” the Royal Guardsman growled warningly after a few tense moments.

Akela laughed pleasantly ”I'm sorry soldier, I spoke in jest. It really matters little to me what your religious convictions are. I'll leave such musings to W'soran and his disgusting spawn.”

Atem simply nodded assuming that she meant the High Priest and his strangely diseased disciples.

Ankarash shook his head looking a little annoyed before smiling at the soldier.

”Akela here was just telling me she doubts your ability my friend.” he said sounding amusing.

”Untrue!” Akela insisted although she was smirking ”I simply said I had no seen your skill!”

”A fair comment.” Atem accepted with a bow, feeling a little uncomfortable. He had accepted Ankarash's presence despite his obvious high birth but this woman was clearly a Lady even if he had not known she was a handmaiden of the Queen.

Ankarash waved to one of the targets.
”Then why not show her.”

Atem opened his mouth to refuse when he saw Akela still smirking, instead he simply nodded and turned to face the targets. There were three altogether, each further than the next. The furthest was a life size dummy of a man.

Reaching down to his waist the archer removed an arrow from his quiver and nocked it carefully before drawing and aiming. He held the bow drawn for longer than he usually would before firing the bow and struck the closest target dead centre. Admirable but slow.

Then he began to truly shoot.

Atem swiftly fired the the next two arrows at the centre target before swiftly firing his final three at the furthest away one, these final three struck the dummy's head, throat and chest.

Atem turned back to the others to see Akela staring at the targets, her smile gone. Ankarash on the other hand looked incredibly smug.

”Told you he was good.”

Looking at her husband she simply nodded before turning back to Atem.
”Indeed...the Queen choose well it seems.”

Ankarash chuckled and nodded back towards the palace.
”We should get going, it was nice speaking with you commander.” he said to Atem with an exaggerated salute and bow.

Akela smiled and nodded her head before silently walking off with her husband leaving a confused, but relieved, archer behind.


”She's going to turn him.” Akela said when they were back within the palace halls.

Ankarash stopped and grabbed his mate with an iron tight grip that could crush bone on her shoulder but the other immortal barely seemed to feel it.

”What?” he hissed.

Akela sighed and reached up, slowly removing the warrior's grasp with her own immeasurable strength which almost equalled the large man's.

”It's only a guess but he was skilled, I know little of archery but even I could tell that those shots were impressive, especially that last few...he could even have took one of us out of commission with that skill. More than that he's handsome and naive. She would love to make him hers. Or perhaps make one of the others embrace him, most likely Abhorash...she seems to like grouping her warriors.”

Ankarash cursed angrily ”I knew it...”

Akela give a faint smile ”Except if wisdom prevails.”

The warrior frowned ”What do you mean?”

Akela began to walk again and waited until Ankarash caught up with her before speaking again ”Why make a mortal the commander of her archers? We do have some of our kind who could have done the job...perhaps done it better than he.” She smirked at her mate ”Because it's more advisable to have a mortal do it. He can walk in the light, keep an eye on our soldiers when we can't and he's utterly loyal a trait, which you yourself said, might vanish after the change. It's smarter to leave him alive.”

Ankarash smiled after a moment ”Yes...that makes sense.”

Akela didn't have the heart to tell her love that it was all a lie, her dark mother was rarely logical and if the whim to take the human came to her, well then she would.

OOC: Again just another old random story, although it has two of the same characters it wasn't written with the previous story. I touched a few things up as I will continue to do for most of the stories I post.
Anyway enjoy

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
I am enjoying it! Keep going. "her dark mother was rarely logical". I would say an understatement-get off that throne, because you're running a kingdom and hiding us better than I could and I'm jealous. Seriously?

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Count Vashra said:
I am enjoying it! Keep going. "her dark mother was rarely logical". I would say an understatement-get off that throne, because you're running a kingdom and hiding us better than I could and I'm jealous. Seriously?
In this case she's referring to her belief that Nefereta gives into her whims and urges too often, lacks restraint etc etc.

If she wants something she'll take it even if it's not in the kingdoms best interests.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
The Priest

Lahmia - Temple of Blood

Nekhlior snarled at his brother hatefully.

You're lucky I don't tear you damnable head off V'azrin, you utterly vindictive moron!”

V'azrin sneered at the other priest, to an outsider the two of them were practically identical, both were bald, thin and withered figures of average height and wore long flowing black robes covered in arcane runes. They also both had inhuman large pointed bat-like ears.

It was only in the details that one could see differences, both sorcerer's had flesh that looked like dried old parchment and had claw like nails on their hands but Nekhlior's skin seemed drawn tighter showing bulging black veins which V'azrin lacked.

Their most noticeable difference however would be their eyes, V'azrin's were bright red in colour but otherwise normal meanwhile Nekhlior simply lacked eyes, instead he had two burning black flames in his empty sockets but thanks to his own natural magical talents he was not blind.

Vindictive? I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about my dear Nekhlior.”

Nekhlior jabbed a finger at the other undead's chest.

My scrolls! Where are my scrolls!?! No one else would dare! What did you do?!?”

V'azrin give an ugly grin and shrugged.

Maybe you're misplacing them in your old age.” he laughed as he turned and strode away from the other disciple of W'soran.

Nekhlior gritted his teeth and with an angry roar he hurled out his hands, dark lightning rippled along his fingers and shot forth towards V'azin.

Luckily for V'azrin he had been intentionally goading his brother and was prepared, spinning with incredible speed he spat his own incantation, knocking the offensive spell aside so that it crashed into a pillar, vaporising part of the structure on impact.

V'azrin grinned coldly as realisation that he had been manipulating into aggression began to dawn on Nekhlior's face. They both knew how a magical confrontation would end between the two...it had happened too often in the past to not know.

V'azrin's own hands became wreathed in dark flame as he began to wave them around with his hissed incantation only to be interrupted by a new voice.

What do you think you two are doing!” shrieked one of the newcomers.

V'azrin grimaced, and saw Nekhlior do the same, as he turned to look at the arrivals.

The figures stood stood in the doorway of the entrance watched the two priests. The huge warrior Ankarash was watching with a faint smirk and the human archer Atem was with him looking concerned.

The one who had shouted was a tall slim man called Dedun, one of the city's bookeepers and an undead immortal like the others. He did not look pleased.

Really? Again you two?” Ankarash asked with an amused shake of his head.

Dedun on the other hand was standing next to the pillar that had been damaged by Nekhlior's spell and with a growl of frustration he glared at the two priests.

Have you ANY idea how much it costs to constantly clean up after your idiotic clashes!”

V'azrin looked away from the scribe feeling a little embarrassed “He started it...”

He started it.” Dedun mimicked in a high pitch voice “What are you? A child?” he snapped.

Oh come now Dedun...this isn't that bad, remember last time? With the fire?” Nekhlior pointed.

V'azrin shook his head as Dedun shifted his angry gaze to the other priest.

Do I remember? How am I suppose to forget?!? What? Should I be happy that your destructive stupidity is less than usual?he asked the two.

After a few minutes of awkward silence Ankarash coughed.

Sooo...Atem and I will be off now, just stopped by to say hello but we have inspections...practice and all those military things...so..err I will see you all later.” he said with a glance at the human “Come on now.” he muttered as he turned and left.

Atem nodded at the others as he followed the Royal Guardsman out.

V'azrin watched them leave glumly wishing he could go with them.

Lucky bastards” he thought to himself.

Well?” Dedun snapped.

Before either priest could answer someone else spoke up from the doorway.

Come now Dedun...there was no harm done by my foolish acolytes, besides this is my Temple...I will have the damage dealt with if needed.”

The trio turned to see W'soran striding into the room with a faint smirk on his face.

Ah...Lord W'soran....I did not hear you approach.” Dedun said with a deep bow.

Of course you didn't...now leave us, I wish to speak with these two.”

Dedun nodded and bowed again, shooting a glare at the other two as he straighten up and strode out of the room.

W'soran waited in silence for a few moments until Dedun was gone before speaking.

Fools...” he muttered.

In a movement too fast for his apprentice's to follow W'soran lashed out and struck the two lesser priest's sending them sailing through the air and into the wall with bone-crushing force.

V'azrin was the first to respond, he launched himself at the elder vampire with a hateful snarl but W'soran slashed the air with his empty hand and an invisible force crashed into his attacker and sending him crashing back to the ground.

Nekhlior, who had looked like he would attempt the same thing as his brother, stopped and stayed lying down until he was sure V'azrin wouldn't try to attack again. Slowly he rose back to his feet and bowed to W'soran.

I apologise for our foolishness Master.”

W'soran remained quiet, staring coldly at V'azrin who picked himself up slowly and was in obvious pain. After straightening up he bowed deeply to the High Priest as well.

Please forgive us Master.”

W'soran smirked at the two. “Poor old W'soran stuck with such fools as these for servants...but I am most merciful afterall.” he stopped speaking for a minute to give the other two time to mumble their agreement before continuing “I want you both to go to the catacombs, prepare the corpses for my experiments and ensure the cages have been emptied of the old subjects.”

V'azrin and Nekhlior bowed once more “It shall be done.”

W'soran give one last mocking chuckle before leaving the room.

V'azrin hissed softly “I will kill him one day.”

Nekhlior's reply was equally quiet “Not if I kill him first.”

The two sorcerer's made their way to the catacombs in silence as they imagined the death of their sire in the most horrific ways possible.

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The Patrol - One

City of Lahmia

Atem had served as the Master of Arrows for a few years now and in that time he had seen many strange, strange things

He had served a Queen too physically perfect to be human, walked with Lords who hadn't changed even a hair since he had met them, warriors who were capable of feats of strength beyond belief and rotten corpse-like priests who could summon strange energies with a wave of their hands.

He had known from the beginning that there was something "wrong" with the elite of Lahmia who refused to walk in the light of day, who required servants to walk their streets and live amongst the people whilst only roamed outside the Palace at night.

With this and the strange powers Atem had seen he had at first believed the Lords and Ladies of his city to be blessed, chosen by Ptra or some other deity but the archer had always had a weak faith and such delusions didn't last for long.

And yet because of his love for his Queen, his friendship with men like Ankarash and Abhorash, his acquaintances like V'azrin, Nekhlior and the Lady Akela, Atem had decided to ignore his concerns, his worries.

Well tonight all such beliefs had been shattered and the truth had been forced into his eyes.

Atem lived in a city of monsters.

Atem cursed and looked down at his blood covered armour before looking away with a shiver, the blood of his men...of his friends now covered it.

A blood curdling inhuman shriek filled the night and Atem's eyes darted to the opening of the alley way, carefully he nocked another arrow and backed quietly along the alley before another cry reached him, this time it was all too human...a man crying out in fear and pain.

Pale and shaking Atem fell against the wall and slid down, blood wept from the wound in his side.

How had it come to this?


One Hour Earlier

"Sir why do we have to patrol out here tonight?" Zoresh complained, the tall lean soldier looking unhappy at their current assignment.

Atem lifted an eyebrow in mock confusion "Why whatever do you mean soldier?"

Zoresh glared at his commander "That's just it, we're soldiers. More than that we're archers of the Lahmian Home Garrison. Why are we doing the City Guard's job for them?"

Atem chuckled softly "Well because Abhorash has standing orders that a few five-man squads of soldiers will patrol the centre of the City whilst the rest of Lahmia is patrolled by the City watch."

"Except the palace." Kelern pointed out, the short stocky man was from one of the hills tribes, one of the few non-Lahmian members of the Elite Home Garrison.

"Except the palace." Atem agreed.

"The Royal Guard patrol the palace." Kelern continued.

Atem gritted his teeth in annoyance. "Yes."

"Cosy little job that." the hulking Standard-Bearer called Gahiji added much to Atem's annoyance.

"Is it?" Atem asked sarcastically but the larger man didn't seem to notice the tone.

"Aye...just sit around the Palace all day, ain't no crime up there."

"Is that right?"


"Why don't you tell Abhorash that."

Kelern chuckled "Yeah tell Abhorash."

Gahiji shrugged "Just say'in is all."

Perhaps feeling he was being ignored when Zoresh spoke up once more "I mean we're archers, what good are we if a bunch of thugs jump us anyway? Are they gonna give us time to ready our arrows, aim and fire at them all?"

"Shut up Zoresh!" Seb snapped, the short-tempered office who held the rank "Greatest of Fifty" having lost his temper at the complaining "We have swords don't we?"

"Yeah swords." Kelern agreed tapping the short sword at his hip.

"We are trained pretty extensively in them." Gahiji pointed out to his fellow archers.

"Then why not send the Spearmen or something? There's way more of those men anyway. Takes about five minutes to train a spearmen, if one of us get's our skulls cracked open well that's a lifetime of practice thrown away." Zoresh continued.

"Even if we're attacked by a dozen men we'll be fine, you know how I know that Zoresh?" Atem said calmly.

"How?" Zoresh asked, sounding curious.

"Because all you need to do is breath at them and we'll have a whole group of unconcious criminals."

The group broke out in laughter at their leader's joke, except Zoresh who muttered under his breath about how unappreciative people where of his wisdom.

The group walked in silence for another few minutes before Kelern spoke.

"Why are you here sir?"

Atem frowned at Kelern "What's wrong? Am I unpleasant company?"

Kelern grinned and shook his head "I mean you're technically one of the highest ranked men in the Lahmian army...why are you patrolling?"

Atem noticed the other archers were looking at him too with curiousity and he supposed it was a good question.

"Well...if I wasn't here I would be doing paperwork or in meetings with the other City Commanders or attending court..." Atem made a face "I'd rather be here honestly."

The other four men nodded their understanding, for the first few months after Atem's elevation from a low common officer rank to the City's Master of Arrows had caused his former comrades to become overly formal and uncomfortable in his presence. However after a few awkard weeks it had become obvious that he had no plans to start acting like one of the city's elite, instead he led by example as he had always done and only attended the Palace functions when commanded.

"So...why do we have to patrol the city?" Zoresh asked after about ten minutes of silence.

Atem opened his mouth to tell Zoresh to shut it when he heard a scream.

"Quick!" Atem commanded as they ran towards the sound.

As they ran Atem and the others nocked arrows, ready for whatever threat they would meet.
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The Patrol - Two

City of Lahmia

The screams increased in frequency, pierced only by infrequent inhuman shrieks but Atem paid them no mind, there wasn't time.

The five Lahmians came to a stop just outside of what appeared to be a tavern of some sort, although Atem had never found such places appealing.

It's the 'Queen's Laugh'”. Gahiji whispered looking concerned.

So?” hissed Zoresh who appeared terrified, clearly the earlier strange noises had disturbed him greatly.

Gahiji was silent a few moments more as he stared at the door before turning to his comrades

It's quiet.”

Atem cursed himself for not realising sooner, although he never attended such places socially he had been in them before and was fully aware of how they operated. Open late into the night with plenty of patrons drinking beer with singing, dancing and gaming. It was one of the main places where large groups of men and women from the lower class could mix. Suffice to say they where loud.

The Master of Arrows took a deep breath to steady his resolve and then nodded at his men who all had their own bows ready.

Atem kicked the door open and leapt through, drawing back his bow string as he did but he saw no target.

However there was plenty of terrors to be seen. The other's gasped at the sight and one of them even accidentally loosed his arrow in shock at what he saw but Atem didn't care, he was too absorbed by his own horror.

Atem had been a soldier for all his adult life but he had never seen anything like this. Corpses where strewn all over the room, the dead lay everywhere and at times in many pieces.

Gods...” the Commander whispered.

Zoresh stumbled into the corner to loudly vomit.

Search the room.” Atem commanded as he placed his arrow back into it's quiver.

After a few silent moments of searching Atem frowned dropping to one knee beside a dead body, he rolled the head to the side to make the side of the dead woman's neck easier to see.

Seb!” he called, shouting for the highest ranking of the other archers to join him.

The grey haired man knelt down next to his commander and looked at the girl's neck and look confused as he saw what Atem was gesturing at.

Puncture Marks?”

Atem nodded and waved his bow around the room.

Those who's throats weren't tore open all have them.”

Blood.” Kelern muttered.

Yes, yes lots of blood tribesman.” Zoresh said sarcastically as he whipped vomit from his mouth.

No...there isn't” Atem said as he stood and looked around the room, he had no idea how he'd missed it. Despite the carnage, torn body-parts and gaping wounds there was very little actual blood. The place should have been red with it.

Kelern nodded.

These poor city-dwellers must have been drained of their life-force somehow before death.”

Gahiji shook his head “Drained of their blood? How is that possible?”

Before anyone could answer them there was a clatter in the back of the room. Five bows rose in unison, with arrows nocked, when a lithe girl in a white dressed soaked with crimson red stumbled out of the shadows and half fell.

Zoresh, the closest, grabbed the girl and pulled her back to her feet.

Are you alright?” he asked kindly with a smile, a smile that collapsed as the girl looked up at him with her blood covered mouth.

Get away from the demon!” Kelern yelled but it was too late.

The girl simply reached up and tore Zoresh's head from his shoulders.

Four arrows sliced through the air to smash into the girl and hurled her to the ground.

She ATE them?” Gahiji said in disgust.

Just their blood it seems.” Seb growled.

Demon!” spat Kelern.

Atem nodded half-turning away when he saw the silhouette of the girl rise from the ground.

Impossible.” he muttered.

The girl leapt towards them shrieking the same inhuman sound that they had heard earlier. Luckily for Atem his men where not as shocked as he was. Kelern loosed an arrow straight into the girl's shoulder but it barely slowed her down, Seb's arrow which took her in the stomach had a similar effect. Gahiji abandoned his bow altogether and swung his sword at the girl in a powerful two-handed blow but the girl danced aside from the heavy Khopesh easily however Atem, having finally recovered from his surprise, fired an arrow straight into her knee. The attacker stumbled as he knee was shattered and in that moment of weakness Gahiji drove his blade straight into her chest.

The girl gasped in pain but swiftly grabbed the blade with both hands, slowly pulling herself down the blade towards it's owner to the horror of the huge Standard-Bearer who strained uselessly against the small woman's strength in an attempt to free his weapon.

Atem seeing, although not completely understanding, what was happening dropped his bow and charged forward. He pulled his own Khopesh free from his belt and with a cry swung it in a one handed slash that hit his target right in the neck and cut straight through.

As the head fell to the ground, followed shortly by the body as Gahiji pushed it loose. The four surviving men stared down at the remains, half-expected it to leap back up and start attacking again. This worry was swiftly dispelled when the remains began to disintegrate to dust.

WHAT WAS THAT!” Gahiji roared.

Demon.” Kelern repeated.

It wasn't human anyway.” Seb muttered.

Atem glanced at his blood soaked blade and made a sound of disgust “She certainly bled a lot when wounded.”

That's probably because she drank half the damned city.” Seb added under his breath.

Atem shoot the officer a dark look. “Not funny soldier!”

Do I look like I'm laughing sirSeb snapped back, his fear fueling his anger at the situation.


Atem stared at the Standard-Bearer in disbelief, Seb answering him back was one thing but Gahiji shouting at him was unbelievable.

But Gahiji's expression knocked any response Atem had in his head.

D...do you hear that?” the big man stuttered.

The shrieks that they heard earlier were back...the same shrieks has the girl-demon...and now there was definitely more than one.

The four men looked at each other.

Run!” Atem whispered fearfully.
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The Patrol 3

City of Lahmia

Atem had got split up from his men in the Chaos after fleeing the Tavern but he had kept running anyway, at least until something crashed into his back, sending the soldier hurtling into a nearby wall.

The archer coughed and pushed himself to his feet just as he heard a cry of pain.

Spinning Atem found himself face to face with a parody of womanly beauty. The girl before him was average height, pale and slim whilst being curvy in all the places that men liked but her face was horrifying. Red bloodshot eyes with a mouth that opened too far to reveal long sharp fangs, and a face which was too sharp and angled to be natural. The effect was made all the worst for the blood splattered over her, mostly around her lips.

Hello my dear Atem.” the creature growled.

The Master of Arrow's eyes widened at not only the words but the voice too, it was snarling and inhuman but there was a a familiar tone to it.

Atem glanced down at her ruined white robe before looking back up, he licked his lips before speaking slowly.


The creature laughed harshly. “So very, very clever aren't you handsome?

Atem shook his head and pushed himself against the wall, he didn't even notice the bow slipping from his figures to hit the ground.

Kaelia had been a beautiful young girl from the Courts, only rising to the station of one of Nefereta's Handmaidens about a year ago. Atem had spoken to her one of the few occasions when the Queen had summoned him, she had been a pleasant and seemingly innocent girl.

She could not be this nightmareish beast...it was not possible.

Kaelia lifted a talon like finger to run it along Atem's cheek.

What is wrong Master of Arrows? Am I not beautiful enough for you?” she hissed leaning forward, her putrid breath making the man retch much to her amusement.

My mistress always told me not to play with my food, I suppose I should simply get on with it?” she said, opening her mouth further and leaning in.

Atem struggled in an attempt to break free but the creature's iron grip pinned him against the wall effortlessly.

Kaelia ran her tongue along her prey's neck and pulled her head back, pausing for a moment as her fangs grew even longer.

Atem shut his eyes as tight as he could, this was the end.

A scream of pain caused his to open his eyes once more, Kaelia had released him and she was stumbling back with a blade protruding from her stomach.

Gahiji was standing behind her, holding onto his Khopesh, which had speared the beast, for dear life as she turned one way and then the other in an attempt to shake him off. With a howl of hatred the girl reached back and caught the huge man by the neck and pulled him over her head to smash him into the ground. She pulled her taloned claw back for a disembowelling swipe when an arrow struck her through the throat.

Atem looked up to see Kelern standing down the street, his quiver now empty, meanwhile Gahiji rolled to his feet and pulled out his long knife.

Snap out of it sir! Help us!” the huge man demanded as he backed up towards his commander.

Atem blinked and looked down at his shaking hands, gritting his teeth he clenched his fists and dropped to one knee to swoop up his fallen bow.

She's an enemy and danger to the city, nothing else, she must die.” he told himself.

Atem glared at the monster that claimed to be Kaelia and readied an arrow, he hated this beast, he hated all of the. Not once had any man died who was of the Lahmian Home Garrison under his command. Now these monsters had killed Zoresh and where trying to kill the rest of his patrol squad?


Atem pulled back his bow, the wood seemed to hum under his fingers, it didn't matter.

He loosed the arrow. There was a flash of light. Kaelia screamed.

Atem stared in shock, the arrow had struck the beast in the shoulder and smoke now billowed from the wound followed by the stench of burnt flesh.

Sir...the bow...” Gahiji whispered.

Atem looked down and saw what the Standard-Bearer was talking about, the engravings of Asaph where glowing bright red. Most of the engravings where of snakes but there was a single word in bright Hieroglyphics, Atem could barely read but he understood this word.


Kaelia understanding the new threat hurled herself at Atem who attempted to nock another arrow, but the beast was a blur...too fast for a human to counter.

Atem had the arrow almost on the string when he should have died but instead Gahiji, as loyal as ever, hurled himself between his friend and the monster with only his knife to protect him.

Kaelia, in a display of inhuman strength simply punched straight through the man's chest.

With a sickening smile she tore her hand free and let the lifeless form of the archer simple fall.

The smile vanished into another scream as Atem's second arrow smashed straight through her knee, at this range the joint was simply destroyed and she fell to the ground beside Gahiji's corpse. Worst for her the magical bow had caused the arrow to set fire to her leg, not a simple burn like last time, but a consuming flame which had now spread to the other leg as well.

She screamed as Atem stood over her, Kaelia's face had returned to it's normal form...or perhaps it's illusionary form, either way she now looked like the innocent little girl in pain.

Perhaps demon has left her?”Kelern said hesitantly.

Atem looked down ignoring his soldier, this foe that had killed his brother in arms...she deserved worst than death.

With an angry snarl Atem kicked the girl in the jaw, whatever supernatural endurance and strength she had it seemed that her body was still apparently as fragile as any humans, teeth and bones shattered under the Master of Arrow's boot.

Kaelia's eyes turned red again and roaring angrily she flailed at Atem, her hands becoming Talons once more but her burning legs wouldn't move.

I think not Kelern.” Atem spat as he unsheathed his Khopesh.

He held the bronze blade up for a few moments before slashing down to sever Kaelia's claw-hand. She howled and held her bleeding stump tight to her chest in a futile attempt to slow the bleeding. A cold smile touched Atem's lips at the sight of her pain, the Master of Arrows didn't notice the unnerved expression of the tribesman who had never seen his soft-spoken friend act so cruely.


Atem spun and glared at Kelern “What?” he snapped.

Sir...have you seen Seb?” he asked.

The fury in Atem's expression faded away to be replaced by a look of worry. “No! I didn't...” he cut off as he realised he'd completely forgotten about the officer “Have you seen him at all since the tavern?”

Kelern shook his head and began to speak when Kaelia began to laugh, a sound that was both strained with pain and filled with dark humour.

Where is my man monster?” Atem snarled as he stepped towards her, his blade dripping with her blood.

Kaelia grinned “The others will have got him by now little man, they'll be here for you soon.”

Others?” Kelern whispered looking paler than before.

Atem gritted his teeth, the bow pulsed in response to his grower fury.

It'll take more than the likes of you to kill Seb.”

Kaelia cackled “Like me? Oh no...the mistress will have him, she is beyond the comprehension of the likes of you pathetic mortals.”

Atem closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he made a decision.

I just hope that this mistress of yours is as arrogant as you abomination. Then perhaps she'll make the same idiotic mistakes.”

Kaelia opened her mouth to respond but her head was swiftly removed by a slash of Atem's sword.

The Master of Arrows nodded to Kelern “We should double back towards the Tavern and keep an eye out for Seb...these monsters...” he instructed swiftly, glancing back at the disintegrating remains of Kaelia “make plenty of noise...we'll hear them before we see them.”

Without waiting for a response he began to run back down the street he had come from, the shorter soldier followed closely behind.

If they're so loud then why haven't we seen any of the City's watch come help us out?” Kelern muttered.

Atem didn't reply, he had been wondering the same thing.
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The Patrol 4

City of Lahmia

The two archers had almost reached the tavern when they heard screeching down one of the alleyways.

Kelern!” Atem yelled turning and darting down one of the narrow entrances with the tribesman in close pursuit.

They came back out in a small street at the end of which stood another of the handmaiden-demons, she quite noticeably had blood soaked claws, Atem couldn't see who it had cornered but he could guess and a moment later this guess was confirmed.

Come on beast! I'll gut you!” Seb snarled lunging at her.

The beast leapt back from Seb's attack, the officer held his Khopesh in one hand and a curved dagger in his other hand.

Atem reached for an arrow and in one smooth motion nocked it and loosed, the arrow struck the woman in the back to no noticeable effect.

What?” he gasped looking down at his bow to see that the magical runes were gone “Shit.”

Kelern having noticed that his commander's magic weapon now seemingly lacking the much needed magic, unsheathed his sword and ran forward to Seb's defense.

Wait!” Atem cried and with a curse nocked another arrow as he ran forwards.

Kelern slashed down with a powerful two-handed cut, at the same moment Seb dropped into a low stance and cut at the woman's legs.

The monster however leapt back in a graceful backflip to land easily on her feet with too much height and precision to even be mistaken as an action of a human. Unluckily for her Atem had waited until she was still once more before loosing.

The arrow took her in chest and she simply exploded, ash flying out in all directions.

The three archers walked over to the pile of ash.

Why did she just...” Atem paused and then waved his hands “go whoosh!”

Seb frowned “I think you hit her...in...the he-” the older man cut off as he collapsed.

Atem caught the officer and lowered him to the ground, when he looked down he saw that his armour was covered in wet blood, looking at Seb he saw that the grey haired man was also covered in wet blood and that his chestplate was torn to pieces. “Gods...Seb!”

Kelern dropped beside his friend and began to swiftly unbuckle the other archer's armour. Underneath his torso was covered in long, deep cuts.

No...” he whispered miserably.

Don't cry...tribesman...not dead...yet.” Seb said with a weak smile as he regained conciousness.

That demon got you good.” Kelern said sadly.

Seb tried to speak but instead broke into a coughing fit, after it subsided he shook his head. “Not...her...another.”

Atem frowned and looked at Kelern “Maybe be the mistress that Kaelia spoke about?”

She was...faster...much...faster than...that one.” he gasped.

Hearing the sound of footfalls echoing in the narrow street Atem swiftly grabbed another arrow as he spun looking for a new target.

What's happening here! Drop the weapons!” commanded the Sergeant of the City Guard.

Atem stared at the patrol of five guards who stood with spears levelled with relief.

Atem pushed himself to his feet feeling wary, leaning slightly on his longbow as he did so.

I said drop it!”

Atem stared coldly at the man “Do you have any idea who you're speaking to boy!” he spat, despite the Sergeant being at least the same age as him. His tone however, one that had been drilled into the minds of soldiers for most of their professional lives, give him a moments pause.

It was in that momentary lapse that Atem noticed how unusually jittery the soldiers appeared to be.

Why? Should I?” he asked attempting to keep his tone stern but sounding uncertain.

Kelern stepped forward, blade still in hand.

You speak to the Master of Arrows Atem, Supreme Commander of the Archery Contingents within the Lahmian Home Garrison! Who the hell are you!?!” he snarled, managing to mostly hide his tribal accent.

The Sergeant's jaw dropped for moment before he and his men came to immediate attention. “Sorry Commander! I am Sergeant Metjen of the City Guard sir!”

Atem waved the man's apology away. “It's quite alright Sergeant. Do any of your men know first aid? My officer is severely hurt.”

Tuta! Help the man!” Metjen barked at a short officer who ran to Seb's side.

What happened here sir?” he asked looking at Seb's injuries and then Atem's own bloodied armour.

Atem shook his head and looked at his injured man “You wouldn't believe me if I told.”

Metjen paused for a moment “Was it...beasts?”

Atem's head snapped around “What?”

Metjen looked uncomfortable “You...didn't get the orders?”

Atem frowned “What orders?”

To evacuate this part of the city, some sort of infestation of dangerous animals that the Royal Guard were going to come in with hunters to get rid off.”

Kelern stepped over “They knew!” he snapped angrily “They knew these monsters were here! And how did the Master of Arrows miss such orders? It must have been purposeful!”

Atem didn't disagree and instead frowned at Metjen, something didn't make sense. “That explains why we didn't come across anyone else. Why didn't you evacuate?”

Metjen looked uncomfortable “We were...I mean technically we disobeyed but there were reasons! Good reasons sir! We saw blood trails and could hear strange shrill shrieking. I wanted to make sure no civilians were hurt sir.”

Atem smirked “No need for all the sirs. In this case your choice was commendable but you should leave as soon as possible those...beasts or more like demons and they're very difficult to stop.”

Distasteful but quite true my dear Atem.”

The archer spun to see a tall beautiful woman in a long white dress that was terrifyingly familiar. Atem also recognised her and to his horror it was another of the Queen's handmaidens, perhaps even Nefereta's favourite.

Betrest.” Atem said in horror, he had spent a lot of time in her company when at court “How long?”

The beautiful woman give him a pitying smile “For longer than you've known me my dear.”

She raised a hand and two figures dressed in similar attire appeared from the shadows behind her.

I'm afraid we can't leave any witnesses...I really am quite sorry.” she dropped her hand “Kill them.”

The two subservient demons moved forward in a blur, killing two of the guardsmen before anyone could react.

Fight sergeant!” Atem cried as he fired an arrow into the stomach of one of these creatures.

Metjen needed no urging as he leapt at the beasts with his spear to protect the one remaining soldier near the two demonic women.

Tuta dropped his medical supplies and grabbed his spear before leaving Seb to help his commanding officer, Kelern followed the man to assist.

Atem took position beside Seb to defend his injured friend.

Atem turned in shock to see that the two monstrous women had completely underestimated the mere sergeant before them.

He ducked a clawed swiped and thrust his spear at the creature's throat which the monster broke the head off with contemptuous ease.

The heart!” Seb croaked as loud as he could.

Without missing a beat Metjen dropped, spun and rammed the broken wooden shaft straight through the monster's heart. The handmaiden exploded into cloud of ash.

The second handmaiden backed away as Kelern harried it with his sword and Tuta with his spear.

Suddenly it lunged, slapping aside Tuta's spear and grabbing him by the throat and with her inhuman strength she swung the guardman into Kelern knocking him to the ground. Flexing her grip she snapped the man's neck and dropped his lifeless corpse.

Atem fired an arrow into her back but missed the heart as she lunged at Kelern. Luckily Metjen, who has swooped up one of his dead men's spears, reached her in time and smashed the base of the Spear's shaft into the side of the monster's head sending her reeling.

This is taking too long.” Betrest said with a sigh. She stepped forward lazily a few steps and then simply seemed to vanish only to reappear beside Atem with her hand dripping with blood.

Atem stared in shock and glanced down to see Seb with a hole in his chest.

Atem loosed his nocked arrow at the woman, standing only a few feet away she somehow caught the projectile.

So...you monsters have magic now.” Atem hissed.

The woman laughed and then with a swift gesture her taloned claw tore through the Master of Arrow's side causing him to cry out in pain and drop his weapon.

Betrest smirked “Some of us do but I do not. It's just speed my dear, great, great speed...now excuse me.”

This time Atem saw her move, a slight blur just before she completely vanished only to reappear beside her underling. Atem opened his mouth to shout a warning when Metjen was sent hurtling through the air to crash into the ground next to archer.

Betrest grabbed Kelern and pulled him close to bite into his neck, the other demon grabbed his arm and bit into it.

What are they doing?” Metjen spat in disgust pushing himself to his feet.

They're drinking his blood.” Atem said...the last of his men...dead.

We've got to go now Sergeant.”

But your man! She's still got him.”

There's no stopping her! Let's go!” Atem commanded as he lifted his bow and stumbled off, Metjen however swiftly caught up to help support the wounded archer.

A few streets later Atem started gasping. “I...I can't...we have to stop.”

Metjen nodded and pulled the commander into a side alley to slowly lower him to the ground. “You're bleeding a lot sir...”

Enough...with the sirs Metjen...we can't stay here...”

The spearman nodded as he crouched down “You can't run Atem...I don't think you could even limp much further.”

The archer nodded “I know...but you can get away, if you run now towards the Palace you should reach the safety of the Royal Guard before they catch you.”

Metjen shook his head “I don't...” he cut off at the sound of shrill shrieking “They're coming again I guess...”

Atem laughed humourlessly “They never stopped, they just let us get away so that they could hunt us again...that's probably half the pleasure for them.”

The shrieking sounded again and Metjen stood up to stare at the entrance way.

Get out of here sergeant.”

Metjen strode off towards the alley entrance...the wrong entrance.

Where the hell are you going?”

Metjen glanced back with a grin. “Get out of here Commander.” before running off.

Sergeant no!” Atem shouted as he tried to push himself to his feet only to collapse in pain.

After a minute, which felt like an eternity, he managed to stand.

Atem cursed and looked down at his blood covered armour before looking away with a shiver, the blood of his men...of his friends now covered it.

A blood curdling inhuman shriek filled the night and Atem's eyes darted to the opening of the alley way, carefully he nocked another arrow and backed quietly along the alley before another cry reached him, this time it was all too human...a man crying out in fear and pain.

Metjen.” he whispered sadly...now he was the last survivor.

Pale and shaking Atem fell against the wall and slid down, blood wept from the wound in his side.

How had it come to this?
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This would be very terrifying, I imagine. Although it's a bit surprising, because I would have thought Neferata would be more...subtle about her children? And didn't they use some blood ritual in the Temple to hide it? Or is this a slightly different interpretation where the Lahmians hunt?

Good story, though, either way.

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I am completely unaware of any blood ritual used to hide it? Unless you mean a sort of controlled feeding? (Which would make sense!)

The vampires frequently hunted within the confines of the city and the other cities which eventually led to their downfall, at least according to older fluff, it might have changed and I missed it?

According to my personal fluff as I write my stories. -> This group in particular is a rogue group (basically vampire's that have decided to do whatever they want and to hell with the consequences. We're immortal! Screw it!) that have been unusually successful at surviving, where as most get taken down before they can rampage. There is a reason though.

As for Nefereta, I imagine she just sired those she liked having around (probably the most beautiful) and probably was less wise about it than some of the others, say Abhorash only siring the most loyal and useful where as W'soran only those who were magically adept and controllable. Out of all these vampiric handmaidens only one was made by Nefereta (one of her first) the rest are 3rd and 4th generation.

Thanks for the response Vash, I wanted to continue Atem's story but it was somewhat difficult to get back into. I was afraid it would be rubbish :(

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
I recall reading in Rise of Nagash that they used some bloodletting ceremony in the Temple of Blood to cover their...tastes. Unless my mind's been muddled. With Neferata being High Priestess. But yes, i imagine when there's 4+ types of Vampires, with several of each going around, then some are going to be less careful than others.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
That is completely possible, the Rise of Nagash would be a book I would be very shaky about the fluff on! I think I strangely didn't enjoy it very much for some reason and never re-read it.

Anyway I think when I stick up the last part it'll make a little more sense! :)

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
Last part? Last part?? Or just the last part of the patrol? Because I get the feeling there's a bit more things for Atem to go through. Including being sired, as suggested earlier...

I myself liked Rise of Nagash. I recently got it out again for the Eekrit/Eshreegar parts. Got to love Skaven politics!

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Oh yes! Last part of the patrol :) There's ALOT more. Atem pretty much ties together the Lahmian stories despite other characters introduced later.

I'll have to give it another read, I must have been in a funny mood because objectively it sounds like my favorite type of warhammer (afterall Nagash!)