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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Lahmian Army List (Confirmed)

Lahmian Stat Changes

-1 to WS
+2 to I
Cannot take mundane armour options.
Cannot take mundane weapon options with the exception of an additional HW ( I can see daggers).
-1 Ld to any enemy models in BtB contact with one or more Lahmians

Bloodline Powers

Divine Beauty - 100pts
No creature, mortal or otherwise can resist this creatures seduction
At the start of the enemies turn, any enemy units (including those that are ItP) that are within 18" and have LOS to this vampire must take a Stupidity test at -2.

Whenever (could be either players turn) any enemy units enter into range (18") and have LOS to the vampire then they must take a Stupidity test at -2. If failed the unit must stop immediately, and then suffer the effects of Stupidity.

Midnight Dancer: 50pts
"As the dance continues the onlooking crowd can do naught but to stare in admiration, her dance even deadening the most cold minds as she weaves move after move like a perfect spiders web"
When any model wishes to attack the vampire during combat, they must pass a leadership test at -1 LD, even if ItP, unbreakable or otherwise immune to leadership based tests. If failed the model may not make any attacks at all and is hit automatically in combat until the next round of combat.

Aura of Dark Majesty - 50pts
As per the VC Army Book

Seduction - 30pts
Sometimes before battle, a lucky soldier will be visited by a beautiful women offering unearthly pleasures. Only the strongest can resist and see her true nature....
Nominate one enemy character after deployment and roll 1D6. On 2-6 you may redeploy the character in another of the enemies units, following the normal rules for deployment. If the character was not in a unit to begin with, or may not join a unit then he may be moved to anywhere in the enemies deployment area. On a roll of 1 the vampire takes a wound with no saves of any kind allowed. If this power is taken as well as Behind the Scenes, resolve all instances of Behind the Scenes first before resolving this power.

Innocence Lost- 25pts
Who could think such an innocent and fragile creature could pose a threat to them?
Confers the ASF ability

Vanity of the Dead - 25pts
Only the foolish dare hurt a Lahmian, for to hurt their perfect looks will incur a wrath like no other
For each unsaved wound suffered by the Lahmian, she immediately gains an additional attack. These extra attacks are lost if the Lahmian's wounds are healed.

Behind the Scenes - 25pts
These beguiling vampires have infiltrated all levels of society, making their presence known when their enemy confronts them.
Roll D6 for each enemy character at the start of the battle. On a roll of 5+ the model looses one wound, that do not allow armour or regeneration saves. In addition no character can ever be wounded more than once by this power. In the event all characters have suffered a wound by this power, any further instances of this power are wasted.

Overflowing Coffers - 15 / 30pts
Renowned for their hedonism, Lahmians treasure jewelery and horde ancient artifacts. When called to war they can lay their hands on any item imaginable
The Lahmian may take an extra allowance of magic items, equal to the points that are paid for this power, which may be either 15pts or 30pts

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Lahmian Army List (Confirmed)

Optional Army List

Any vampire characters may take the following options (cost per model):
Additional Dagger (counts as additional HW): Hero +5pts, Lord +8pts
Poisoned Attacks: Hero +10pts, Lord +15pts
Great Bow: Hero +12pts, Lord +18pts
~see below for rules.

Great Bow
Harking back to the days of ancient Lahmia, the daughters of Neferata are required to learn the ways of the Asp goddess, to venerate all that they lost when their city fell. As normal bows are too weak for the prodigious power of the ladies of the night, each sire gifts their get a bow of superior balance and strength, a deadly weapon in the hands of those with the skill to use them.
Follows the normal rules for bows with the following profile:
Range: 36" S: As per the base strength of the vampire.
This can change if the vampire is affected by anything during the battle which lowers or heightens this stat permanently.The vampire may still shoot her bow even if she has marched. It also has the Killing Blow special rule at short range.

Wight King may take the following options (cost per model):
Full Plate +8pts

New Hero Option:
The player may choose one hero choice from any army list except Daemons,Tomb Kings, Lizardmen, Vampire Counts or Orcs & Goblins, paying the points cost as stated in their army book.
Their equipment and magic items must be chosen from that army list. The swain may not benefit from any VC items or spells from the Lore of Vampires, however the Swain may choose any marks, powers etc that it is normally entitled to in it's army book

1+ Skeletons
~May take the following options (costs are per model):
Halberds +1pts
Spears +1pts
Heavy Armour +2pts. *If this option is taken the unit cannot be increased over its starting size by IoN.

0-1 Swain Entourage
~One core unit may be chosen from the same army list as the swain. It may not choose any magic items, marks, abilities from that army list, nor may it benefit from VC banners or spells from the Lore of Vampires. It may choose any mundane weapon options as per its description its entry in the relevant army book .
The maximum size of this unit US20.

The Harridens (see below for details)
~One unit counts towards core requirement for every unit of skeletons taken.

0-2 Dire Wolves
~Do not count as minimum core requirement.
0-1 Bat Swarms
~Do not count as minimum core requirement.

Grave Guard
~May take the following options (cost per model):
Full plate +3pts
Halberds + 2pts
Great Weapons +2pts

Black Knights.
~May take the following options (cost per model):
Full Plate +4pts

Spirit Hosts
0-1 Fell Bats

0-1 Blood Knights
~May take the following options (cost per model):
Full Plate +6pts

Black Coach

New Units

The Harridans - 10pts
The jealousy of the Lahmians knows no bounds. While any man who stands against one of these beautiful creatures soon finds himself as her thrall, or "swain", women meet a much worse fate. Their minds are broken utterly by the vampires, and these pathetic, shrieking wretches, called "Harridans" by the disdainful Lahmians, are sent before the vampiric armies in a reckless rage, believing that only death can release them from the torments heaped upon them by the vicious sisterhood of vampires.

M 4 - WS 3 - BS 0 - S 4 - T 3 - W 1 - I 4 - A2 - Ld 5

Weapons: Long fingernails, teeth (count as hand weapon)

Unit Size: 10-20
One unit counts towards core requirement for every unit of skeletons taken.


Options: May upgrade one Harridan per unit to a Virago for +10pts. Viragos have +1 toughness
A Virago may be given a Dark Heart for 25pts

Dark Heart
The dark deeds a Harridan is forced to commit by the Lahmians drives some of them insane. Those who have truly been broken screech with such agony that it can shatter minds
The Virago has the Banshee's Howl special rule with the exception that 2D6 is rolled instead of 2D6+2.

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