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Las Vegas Open AoS Championship - army lists

Oct 22, 2014
Recently I have learned about the LVO AoS Champs and the results. I know that all 4 Grand Alliances got into top 7. I also know that the top Death army was using Settra, Arkhan and lots of chariots.

But I was unable to find out more or less accurate rosters used by for Death faction players, and tactics they used. If anyone knows anything, or even participated in the LVO tournament, please share what you know. I am especially curious about the Settra + Arkhan + chariots list.

They only list I could find was a nighthaunt list. It was not wery powerful, but thematic. It included a lot of cairn wraiths, a single tomb banshee, 2 small and 2 big units of spirit hosts, 2 small and 2 big units of hexwraiths and a single mournghul.


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Sep 23, 2009
Hrm. Arkhan AND settra seems like a rather unfluffy combination. One, or the other, sure, but...

I'm not at all shocked to hear a Settra list did well, the buff he offers is enormous. I'm a bit more surprised to hear about Arkhan. I mean, he's good, but I didn't expect to see much of him in a tournament setting. I'd be really curious to see what that list was.
Sep 7, 2016
This thread details all the lists and chats about the tournament.
Results point to this being a "softer" tournament, while still a number of people brought very competitive 12 Kurnoth Hunter lists, others were probably newer players.

TL;DR Variety of playstyles lead to variety of results. If you play MTG, think of this like a FNM.

May 13, 2014
Death was extremely well represented. I had this list

- Neferatta
- GK on TG
- VL on AT
- Ghoul Courtier
- Necromancer
- 30, 20 Ghouls
- 40 skeletons
SB of 3 spirit hosts and second Terrorgheist. Sometimes I swapped the Necromancer for the ghosts.

Pretty much my Big heroes ripped it up and i was in 13th place going into a horrible game 6 to finish 25 but that doesn't take into account my minor win for best painted nomination, so I don't know what place I finished.

A local guy had a similar list with a mourngul, he did a bit better. There was about 10 mournguls at LVO ...

The only death player I faced had a face smashing list built around 12 necro knights w/ a VL on dragon general and a mourngul but he was 12 and forgot some of his rules and I managed a minor victory.

I have no idea what they did but David Rogers with his Settra list pulled out 5 major victories to finish 4th overall before soft scores

Joseph Urban finished 7th with his "fluff" spirits list and Bill Souza finished 12 with kind of a standard FEC list with a mourngul some zombie chaff and the Royal Mordants battalion.

David Rogers Settra insanity

Joseph Urbans "Super fluffy list"

I think this is some of Bill Souza's FEC mix

My Death v Death game

So much death ...