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True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
Anybody else catch this in theaters? I just caught it this week, already down to one showing a night in the local theater. If you're not familiar with the movie, it takes the one bit in Dracula where he ships himself and crates of the grave earth he sleeps in to brittain aboard a ship called the Demeter and blows that up into a movie on its own, with a particularly monstrous Dracula. In practice it's basically the original Alien movie, only on an old timey sailing ship instead of a sci-fi space ship. Not the masterpiece that Alien was and is, of course, but with competent execution of a killer premise Demeter is still pretty good. For vampire fans, at least those with a stomach for grisly horror, I'd call it a must see, and I honestly wish I had seen it back when it first came out.

If you lot haven't seen it yet, and it's still in your local theaters, then go catch it while you still can.
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Unas the slayer

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Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
Ah, i was finally able to see it.

What can i say? ...the first part is really good, nothing new but well executed with the right amount of tension rising, even if some of the crew members are kinda blurred and not memorable (a thing that doesn't help... we all know since the beginning they're gonna die, but try to give some personality to all those red shirts)
the second part is not up to he premise, imo.
It requires a little too much suspension of disbelief for my tastes - at a certain point they know a monster is aboard, they know what he does, they know the effect of the sun on this "infection", they even know where he sleeps. But the daytime passes with almost no real action, which is deliberately shifted at night.
At a certain point, they effectively decide to sink the ship and leave by boat. Great plan, do it during the day! but no, let's do this trap when he will arrive at midnight, so maybe we will hurt him and maybe we will be able to sink the ship and leave it while he's actively chasing us.
That's stupid thinking.

That said, the depiction of dracula is really good, i like this version of "not an aristocrat, but a true monster."

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