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Vampire Thrall
Oct 16, 2011
So hello everyone. Some might remember me from past with my winter-themed vampire army from the World-That-Was. I decided to resurrect myself, mainly because Disciple of Nagash kindly sent his summons and secondly because I'm currently building up my forces yet again in Age of Sigmar after the launch of Soulblight Gravelords and new 3rd edition ruleset.

With the 3rd edition Age of Sigmar ruleset, my playgroup started a narrative campaign. This painting log will detail the progress of that campaign along with photos of finished units and models. So, to get things started, I will share with you a Black Knight standard bearer I finished a few weeks back. Later I will make a sticky entry that will keep up with the composition of Lucinda's forces as the campaign progresses and add more photos and story.

It's good to be back again, looking forward to checking out what kind of projects old and new hobbyists are sharing here. This painting log will include mostly Soulblight Gravelords with a splash of Nighthaunt. And to challenge myself as a painter, I've decided to finally take the NMM approach to my models. I completely love the new contrast paint range and I think I have picked up few new tricks while I was last here.


Raven Torrid

Staff member
Sep 3, 2011
Welcome back Raizi!

Loved your winter themed army and your zombie painting technique was one of my favourites around. 😄
Really happy to see you're back and looking forward for more!
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Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
Nice one. A familiar face. Welcome back. I too am also recently returned from the grave. I look forward to seeing your army return to its former glory! 👍
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Vampire Thrall
Oct 16, 2011

Current pts limit: 1000
Allegiance: Vyrkos Dynasty
Stronghold: Level 1
  1. Arcane Waypoint
  2. Wellspring
  3. Old Keep
Barracks: 2

Matches fought: 4
Matches won: 3


Lucinda Vargbain, Vengorian Lord
- Warlord
- Kin of the Wolf
- Sangsyron
- Amethystine Pinions

Voraq the Scribe, Vampire Lord
- Arcane Tome
- Amaranthine Orb

Gorslav the Gravekeeper, Unique

Tomas the Groom, Vargskyr
- Devastating Charge

Ulfenkarn Expats, Deadwalker Zombies
- Exemplars of Valor

Spellstone Carriage, Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone

Thirsting Flock, Dire Bats
- Devastating Charge

Knights of the Khwitas Ros, Black Knights

Vargbain Heavy Cavalry, Blood Knights


Endless Spells: Burning Head

Battalions: Warlord


Vampire Thrall
Oct 16, 2011
First part of a narrative Battle Report has been posted here it describes the 1st turn of battle between my forces and Disciples of Tzeentch. Enjoy and please comment how you liked the narrative touch so far.

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