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Apr 3, 2011
Hello all!

It’s been nearly a decade I believe since I was last round these parts. Mind, I’ve been lurking in the shadows for the better part of a year. Thought I’d come to the main Vampire Hove and share the stuff I’ve been working on.

I’ve been working on a Necrarch Project for about 2 years. Slowly building, putting an hour here or there. Never painting. Some of you may have seen my work before - so sorry to bore you as the next photo dump ranges across the lady two year period. Either way Hope you enjoy looking at them ad mich as I enjoy scrolling through the creative projects on here.

First up The OG himself, the macdaddy of the Necrarch’s W’soran. In these photos he doesn’t have his Dragon mount. I decided to make W'soran big - he’s munching and sniffing warpstone for millennia. Nagash did the same and he became a Massive skeleton mutant. So seems fair the W’soran becomes a massive sombie Vampire, with his Brotherhood also being enormous skeletal Vampires.

Anyway Less rambling and more minis.


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Von Kallstrom

Jun 7, 2022
This is so awesome! I love all the clever conversion work and the very feel that you managed to give to your creations. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines while you bring these glorious creations to unlife with a paintbrush in the future.
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Apr 3, 2011
Sen2 Thank you, zIbreally appreciate that.

Raven Torrid Many Thabks, glad you like the Be’lakot pieces. The initial hands were just a bit too weedy for my liking so Had to splurge on a Be’lakornkit just for them! However the Be’lakor kit is a treasure trove of cool andbiseful bits. Namely the heads as you can see below.

Von Kallstrom Thank you! Far too kind. I appreciate the support and nice comments😬

so Here is my first wip Vycanthropes, not sure whther it will be a Varghulf, Vargskyr or Vargheist. But there will be 3!


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Loki Ragnarok

Sep 10, 2021
This is so awesome. Best, most intimidating Necrarch I've ever seen and even though he is big, the dragon is big enough that it doesn't look silly.

Also a cool idea with Krell. Where is his head from, though, I'm curious.

Finally, the Vycanthrope is also amazing. Gives me Blade 2 vibes, which is not a bad thing in this case.

Man, I want to see them painted, and wings on the dragon.
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Apr 3, 2011
pietrodipietra90 Thank you!
Unas the slayer Thanks 👍

Loki Ragnarok Many Thanks 👍 Glad you liked W’Soran. The Dragon size definitely helps, I see W’Soran as less Vampire now, and more construct of many different bodies that he has inhabited, the Warpstone addiction also helped grow that size, not quite Nagash big, but still on the monstrous side. I honestly can’t remember where Krells head is from, its made of sommany poeces floating in my bits box. I know the crest is from OBR but thats about it sorry.

The Vycanthrope got an upgrade, like a really big upgrade. That Vycanthrope is now on the bench waiting to become a Varghulf of sorts.

but the idea of the Vycanthrope got me thinking. The Vengorian model would be a good base for quite possibly my favourite Vampire.



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The Sun King

Staff member
True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
That Ushoran conversion is simply breath-taking! I love it! Maybe you even get lucky and there will be rules for Ushoran in next year's FEC battletome :D
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