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Dec 27, 2009
Count Erick said:
As for a Sonic weapon, the fluff also states that cythor fiends use weapons that shoot carbine spikes (think dark eldar).. so heres my suggestion for something that fights
Could you cite your source?

Sure i already did, but i guess no-body read it

Cythor Fiends were a race of extraordinarily evil aliens who lived in a desolate region in the north eastern corner of the Segmentum Obscurus known as the Ghoul Stars. High Marshall Helbrecht of the Black Templars Space Marines led a crusade against them a few years prior to the Third War for Armageddon. The few surviving records of the crusade describe the Cythor Fiends as humanoid Bat-creatures with leathery wings attached to their arms, which were topped with a long, curved claw with which to eviscerate enemies. They had bulging ice-blue eyes and many sharp shard-like teeth sticking out of their leering jaws. They bred in vast numbers and had a preference for swarming the enemy with massive wave attacks. Little is known about the Cythor Fiends' society or way of life, but Imperial Intelligence suggests that their civilization was based on the principles of Warlordism and "Rule of the Shrewdest". Fierce warlords commanded millions of bloodthirsty warriors armed with spike-shooting carbines and their wing-talons. Helbrecht lead the crusade to their homeworlds, but once they arrived found them strangely empty...Codex Black Templars pg44

Hehe i'd also just like to remind people theres already one really badass vampire in 40k, mephiston, infact he's why i started playing blood angels back in 2nd edition. The codex angels of death used to talk about imperial citizens going missing while blood angels were around (turning up dead and drained of blood in places). Plus! mephiston had a special rule after slaying opponents in cc he had to feed -- And theres always the badass picture of him
That just screams vampire


Jan 5, 2010
how did you guys like my possible explanation for the Cythors at the top of page 4? Sound plausible, or does it need more work? also, Beeblicon's post on the official fluff seems to fit pretty well, since their homeworlds were "strangely deserted" when the Black Templars arrived.. maybe they didn't check 30,000 leagues under the ground! :Vampire1:

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Ok, I think it is now the right time to break this up into multiple threads. We have the generic background, which we can build on, so I will go and create some specific threads.

Count Erick

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Dec 28, 2008
Sure i already did, but i guess no-body read it

I'm not sure where you got that information, but the bulk of it is NOT on page 44 of the Black Templar codex, and indeed, I have never seen it anywhere.
This is the only information relating to the Cythor Fiends on page 44 of Codex Black Templars:
Helbrecht immediately declared a crusade agaisnt the Cythor Fiends of the Ghoul Stars, taking the fight into this desolate region of space, from which no expedition had ever returned. Within eight years the xenos population of the outlying systems had been exterminated and the crusade pushed onwards to the aliens home world, but upon reaching the core systems, they where found to be eerily empty.
that is copied verbatim.

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