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Lizzies and Brets- how to beat

Aug 20, 2007
I think that the title says it all... how can I beat lizzies in 2000 and Brets in 1000, never played against either of them, I play Blood Dragons.


Sep 1, 2007
well for lizardmen it all depends on a couple of factors:

1. is it a sacred host list?
2. Does he field a Slann or an old blood?

If he uses Tzalcotl sacred host then pyscology is pretty worthless.

If he uses a Slann then unless you remove it quickly he will walk all over you in the magic phase. Best thing you can do is use Black knights with banner of barrows and your VC count/lord in the unit (give them ample protection from flank charges especially from kroxigors dire wolves are a good choice as they can charge down snipping skinks) try getting into CC with the Slann and his unit and then if you can't kill it try HOD to remove it (you should easily hit)

a banshee or two will easily kill skinks, they can't hurt her but she can hurt them badly with her scream.

Take a black coach and you are asking to have it smashed into pieces (in other words do not do it Lizardmen have plenty of strength 7 heavy hitters)

Ghouls are great because of skirmishing and poison attacks

If you see any scar veteran or old blood wondering around be himself be very careful chances are he has the charm of the jaguar warrior which allows him to charge 18' he eats chariots and cav for breakfast and is infamous for collecting up to three times his own points in heads (sometimes more)

If he has any salamanders likewise get rid of them (though be warned each salamander has 2 strength 5 attacks and causes fear)

Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
The S7 you have to worry about are Jaguar Scar Vets (If I ever use something so boringly predictable, please someone shoot me), and Kroxigors. The Black Coach can still do well as long as it's positioned correctly.

Lizardmen have always been a bit of a problem for me, there are some really nasty builds out there. I dread to think what FatOlaf brings at 2000 points ;)
Aug 15, 2007
Take out terradons, skinks & salamanders. Ignore his Slann unless he's a very stupid player that let you charge the Slann (if he's alone!).
If you charge a fully ranked temple guard unit, most likely you lose.
Sep 26, 2007
I can't really say anything about Lizzies, but Bretonnia 1000 pts shouldn't be very much of a trouble if you use a necrobunker and two, possibly three Necromancers. I mean.. Poor Knights getting sorrounded by units of 5-6 Zombies. You can summon to break charges, to flank, to annoy, just about everything.. Hopefully the bunker can take the heat, and the summoned units do the rest. At least that's one tactic that comes into my mind, I'm sure there's a lot more effective ways to beat them.

Yes, I do assume the Bretts have 80% of their units as Knights. In 1000 pts, why wouldn't they?

I'm inexperienced though.