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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Ok, so I think we are all agreed on these changes:

Reaper can now only change his magic weapon (still need to maybe look at the costs?)

Revenant: Change generation to 1PD / 1DD in the relevant phases?

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Ok, I have edited Revenant in the main thread

In regards to the Reaper, I have looked through all the comments, and this is what I feel is the best result:

Reaper - 125 140pts (max of one upto 2000pts, an additional one may be taken for every full 2000pts after that.) -

Some .........

M 6 / WS 6 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 3 / W 2 / I 4 8 / A 4 / Ld 8

-Scythe - Great Weapon

Special Rules
-Ethereal (may only join Undead units)
-Harbringer of Death
Clad in dark shrouds these fell creatures are much more than normal wraiths. They are the bringers of death, charged by the Dark Lord himself to destroy those individuals who would stand in his way
Reapers have the Killing Blow special rule, however it works on a 6 to hit, not to wound. Additionally at the start of the battle chose one enemy character. The Reaper may re-roll any failed to hit rolls when fighting the chosen character.
The Reaper may not be the armies general nor confer his Ld on any unit he joins.

-Walk Between Worlds
The Reaper has the ability to walk in the world of spirits, making sure he reaches his target without delay
The Reaper may scout as per the BRB, however he cannout use this ability if mounted

Mount(one choice only)
Dead Horse............20 14 pts.

Magic Items
The Reaper may only choose one of the following weapons

The Blade of Souls - 100pts
As per the Legion of Nagash Magic Weapon list.

The Rendering Blade - 40pts
Barbed and jagged beyond reasoning, even a glancing blow from this weapon can rip a body in twain
Great Weapon. The Reaper has the normal Killing Blow rule in addition to his special Killing Blow rule i.e. he will effect a Killing Blow on a 6 to hit and /or a 6 to wound.

Great Divide - 40pts
This unwieldy scythe would seem to be far too cumbersome, however its strikes kill dragons and daemons in a single blow
Great Weapon - The Reaper's special Killing Blow will affect creatures of any size in the same way as the Heroic Killing Blow.

Unseen Death - 40pts
Light and as insubstantial as a ghost, this blade allows its wielder to attack with almost unmatched speed
Great Weapon - +2S, Bearer gains ASF and doubles their I in combat

Chill Touch - 35pts
The touch of the Reaper is deathly cold, sapping the strength and will to live of any foe it touches
Great Weapon. For every successful wound caused the enemy model permanently suffers a -1 to their S & T to a minimum of 1.

Spectral Blade - 35pts
This weapon has a life of its own, and can find its way past the stoutest parry, or defend from the strongest blows
Great Weapon. The reaper has +1 to hit. Also all enemies suffer -1 to hit when targeting the Reaper in Close Combat

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008

Well we need to crack on with this, so unless there are any other objections within 24 hours I am going to assume it is ok by everyone.

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