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LoN: Welcome to the Legion of Nagash! Please Read First

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Welcome to the Legion of Nagash!

For those not in the know, this project is to create an army fit for the mighty Lord of Undeath that is Nagash. It is a project between forum members and welcomes input by anyone who wants to put in their time and effort!

There is a thread elsewhere that goes into the direction / concept behind the army, however what this thread entails are the rules and processes in place to ensure the venture proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Therefore please ensure you read and understand the following before posting in this project.

Project Moderator: Disciple of Nagash

Discussion Type: Open.
All elements can be discussed and reviewed. Elements will be decided by mutual consensus of the people involved at said time. If a decision cannot be made / discussion is going round in circles then the project moderator will make a decision. However once an element has been reviewed and finalised, it will be marked on the overall army list as “Locked”. This element is no longer available for discussion (otherwise the project would never end). Once complete the army list will likely going through a review following playtesting, at which time elements may become available for review and change at that point.

Anyone can contribute and join in the project at any point providing they follow the correct guidelines. However the “weight” of their opinion may be affected by how much involvement that have had. (i.e coming along right at the end of a discussion and saying you dislike all the ideas in opposition to everyone else will likely not change the outcome). Ongoing contribution is the best way!

All threads will be started and ended by the PM to ensure that there are not too many open at one point, they follow the correct format etc. If you wish to discuss a certain topic next please ask in the general discussion thread, do not just open threads (otherwise it will likely just be deleted).
All threads will follow the same format which will be as follows:

*First post will contain initial information (likely obtained from previous versions of the LoN)
*As discussions take place and changes are agreed on, the first post will be updated with the changes. The changes will be clearly shown as follow as

Text added
Text deleted

Where a full entry is removed, it will just be moved to the bottom of the post. This means that the first post should always contain the latest changes, and at the end the final result.

As all profiles are custom made for the LoN, it is fine to post them. However again they should all follow the same format for clarity, rather that different versions. Therefore when posting any suggestions for new units, please ensure you do so in the following format:

Name – points

M - / WS - / BS - / S - / T - / W - / I - / A - / Ld – / Sv –

Unit Size (if applicable)

Magic (Only if applicable)
State wizard level
State which spells the wizard has access to
State any special notes pertaining to magic

Equipment (Only if applicable)
State Weapon equipped as default
State Armour equipped as default
State any other pieces of equipment equipped as default

State any magical upgrade options
State any equipment upgrade options
State any unit upgrade options

Special Rules
State any special rules that apply
Rules which are new to this entry should be stated here, then a fully description of the rule provided at end of entry

State any applicable mounts

Magic Items
State magical item allowance and what lists items can be purchased from

State any special rules specially created for this entry here in the following format


An example of an entry completed as per above:

Disciple of Nagash - 260 pts

Amongst the most powerful of Nagash's servants are his loyal Disciples. To become one of the chosen few is an honour reserved only for the Mortuary Priests who possess the power and skills to become masters of the necromantic arts. Such skill only comes from hundreds of years of training and practise, they are all ancient beyond belief, a rare few even as old as the Great Necromancer himself.

Each is taught personally by Nagash himself in the ways of death, though none possess all the evil Liches knowledge. However even just part of the Dark Lords knowledge makes the Disciples terrible foes, able to lash flesh from bones with just a look, or command an army of dead that none can match save Nagash. They are also granted access to the remaining books of Nagash except the ninth. The secrets and power these books contain combined with the Disciple's already vast knowledge makes them truly unstoppable.

Once a Disciple has truly proved his loyalty and Nagash is assured that he will not be betrayed, a choice few are sent into the world. Masked by potent amulets they walk unnoticed in the lands of men, elves, dwarves and other creatures. Here they work as the shadowy agents of Nagash, working to create events that will benefit their Lord, whilst at all times ensuring any knowledge of the ancient Liche is destroyed. Thus the world has been lulled into a false sense of security, believing the stories are just that, little knowing the the Great Lord of Undeath is slowly growing in power once more, and when he marches to war once more he will do so with his trusted Disciples at his right hand side.

M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 4 / W 3 / I 4 / A 1 / Ld 9 / Sv -

A Disciple of Nagash is a Lvl 3 wizard. He may choose spells from either the Lore of Shadows, Death, or Ngash and may cast two Rituals of Nagash per turn.

-Hand Weapon
-Scarab Jar: Strength 4 breath weapon.

-May be upgraded to a Lvl 4 wizard for +35 pts.

Special Rules
-Master of Undeath: The High Priest gains a +1 to cast spells from the Lore of Nagash.

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................21 pts.
~ Barding 7 pts.
Greater Carrion...................30pts
Ancient Bone Dragon...........370pts
Dragon Shade....................300pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion Lists up to a total of..............100 pts.
A Disciple of Nagash must choose one Book of Nagash as described in the Magic Item section. This does not count towards his magic item allowance.

Any entries which are not presented in the right format will not be considered (this includes using the correct bolding / italics).

When posting please also try to break up large blocks of text, refer to points you are replying to etc, so it is clear what is being discussed. You should always stay on the topic of the thread and not start discussing other elements of the army that are not applicable at that time.

Finally if you do have any queries or concerns please feel free to report to the PM or member of forum staff as normal.


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