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Long time lurker


I thought i'd better sign up to the forum as looking to dig out my VC's after many years in storage.

I started playing in 3rd ed, mainly using Orcs and Goblins but with the release of 4th edition I divided my love between OnG and Undead. When 5th edition came round (and the split of books) I transferred my allegiance to Vampires. Since then I've picked up numerous armies and after a bit of a hiatus returned to the game towards the end of the 8th edition.
Still loving that version of the game as is a large number of our club (South East London Wargaming - SELWG) regularly play it.
Looking forward to using the VC again and rekindling my love, hence I thought i'd better sign up to the forum!



Staff member
Welcome to the CN!

It's nice to see new people, especially with experience - both in the hobby and in the forum stuff ;) You seem to be quite the veteran, 3rd edition, that's pretty ancient, you probably have some cool stories from those times ;)

From my experience here, posting here and interacting really keep to hold up the motivation for the hobby :) As you probably know already, people here are plenty friendly and will be ready help you - we'll be waiting for some content from you :)


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Welcome to the forum :). It's good to know that I'm not the only ancient vampire here :D.

Third edition is indeed very old. I still have my copy of the 1987 rulebook, which is a very weighty tome, along with the two Realms of Chaos volumes. I never actually played a game of Warhammer until fourth edition though, where I started out with the Empire and the Undead (back when all the undead were part of the same book).
Cheers @Borgnine & @Irisado.

I will say I was quite young during 3rd edition and didn't play a huge amount then. 4th was the edition that really kicked things off, if only because this got many of my friends into it but nothing could ever beat the artwork in the 3rd ed. rule book. It's probably what sold the game to me.


Ancient Vampire Lord
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That third edition rulebook was very impressive in terms of its presentation, especially when you look at it in the context of the time. It is also memorable for the background of some of the stranger creatures and races that GW originally came up with.
Welcome! You may be fresh blood, but sounds like you are a veteran of many affairs. I always find looking through plogs and finished models threads to restoke the fire in me personally. Enjoy your stay!