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Looking for semi-competitive game 2.5k-3k


Lord of RAW
Staff member
True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
Hey all, i haven't been able to squeeze in a game with my beloved vampire counts for a long while, so i'm asking here if anyone wants to play against me? I tend to take unconventional lists, however whilst playing i give it my all and expect no less of my opponent :thumbsup:

I'm away at the moment but i'll be back and raring to go on sunday and have plenty of free time for the next few weeks so time zones shouldn't be an issue.

All opponents and armybooks welcome, however VC on VC can be a tad dull :tongue:
I look forward to hearing from you soon :thumbsup:
Feb 7, 2013
Lynks said:
No takers?
I'd be up for it! My schedule should be pretty flexible starting next week (I think the 14th would actually be an ideal day for me).

Perhaps I'm missing something (I am new to the forum after all), but I'm assuming we don't live in close proximity...so how would the game work?