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Looking For Some Clarification On Matched PLay

Oct 25, 2007
Hey all, I used to be part of this forum many years ago back when I played fantasy and now am dusting my VCs off to give AoS a whirl so thought I'd return. :) I had a couple questions that have been bugging me that maybe someone could give me some clarification on.

1. The Zombie rule: "The Newly Dead" seems pointless to me since it seems to come out of your reinforcement pool? Is there any reason why you would ever take advantage of this rule? Its not like summoning where you are putting pts aside to give yourself options during the game. (I've opted to think of summoning more as Deep Strike in AOS) This would be putting points aside for the very unreliable chance at getting zombies you had already paid for? What incentive could there be to not just take those extra zombies to start with rather than keeping the pts free and "hoping" they rise from the rule?

2. Nagash seems really bad to me in matched play thanks to the rule of one? Here we are paying 900pts for the ability to cast 8 spells per turn but the model only knows 4 spells. In order to learn 4 more spells we need to spend 400+ pts on other wizards to just stand there do nothing because the rule of one prevents them from casting their own spell if Nagash plans to cast it.

Other than that I can see using Nagash as a giant summoning battery but thanks to reinforcement points his ability to do so is really limited.

So in short, is Nagash even worth fielding in matched play or do the matched play rules basically make him cost way too much for what he brings to the table?
Jun 13, 2015
1. the summoning pool is only use to create new unit, so every rules that just bring back dead model from an already existing unit don't need points to work but you can't exceed the starting model count of the unit (shambling horde rule for the zombie is on a grey spot for this)

2. Nagash is hit pretty bad with the rule of one and the summoning pool, so i would only use it in narrative game with special rules. In matched play he isn't worth it right now but their's rumor that magic lores for each army are coming back someday :tongue:


Crypt Horror
May 26, 2013
Fielding 3 units of 10 zombies to satisfy battleline and then merging them in the first hero phase seems like a great place. So far no one has said anything that I have played against but I agree that is making the unit later than its starting size or if it doesn't count because that wording is only related to putting new models on the board.