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Lord of the Death vs. Skull Staff (ETC)

May 1, 2010
Hello, I've played ETC-comped Vampire Counts for a some time, and I need some help with my Lord's items and powers.

In my regular ETC-list I've 7 Power Dices (Pool, Lvl 3 Lord and MotBA) and The Forbibben Lore, so totally I have 8 Power Dices in the comp system. I wanted some magical buff, so I decided to take either Lord of the Death or Skull Staff, and that's the points what I am talking about; which one of them? o.o

If I field Lord of the Death, my Lord will get some more nice magic items (my regular set is Flayed Hauberg, Dispel Scroll, Helm of Commandment and Sword of Battle/Might) and I don't need to take so big units of Skeletons. The disadvantage is that I don't have any other bonuses for casting. :frown:

If I take Skull Staff, I can't have both Flayed Hauberg and Helm of Commandment, and both of them are very special to me. And I get +1 to cast for all spells, not only for raising Skeletons.

So, which one you'd take? :)


Black Knight
Mar 7, 2010
I wouldnt take the skull staff if it ment not being able to take the helm of commandment, and since hes your general having the flayed halberk is almost a must. If you could find a way to push the helm of commandment onto a support vampire then you could try to fit the skull staff in. Besides the difference between WS 6 and WS 7 is pretty situational. LOTD is only 15 points, but if you take forbidden lore and LOTD your going to only have so many PD, it will be hard to be successful casting IoN and having enough PD left to successfully cast spells from another lore.


Vampire Count
True Blood
May 27, 2009
The Skull Staff seems to me to be a better choice for a dedicated aggressive caster than an all-rounder like your Lord, If I were going to use the Staff I'd take a Vampire Hero with Dark Acolyte & Lord of the Dead to summon skeletons then use the Lord as a Lv4 MotB with Skull Staff & some protection (most likely Crown of the Damned & Avatar (shield) for the armour). I'd give him either Lore of Death for strong magical attacks or use the higher lever Vampires' spells. Clearly you want yout Lord to be a multi-purpose leader so I'd stick with the above gear.