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Lore Master Tactics What lore on who and why?

Jan 14, 2012
I've heard suggestions of loremaster, and pondering questions to why it is useful.

I already think that lore of beasts is usable for the signature spell to give +1 T and STR.

Assuming we aren't trying to put lore master on any non-hero character, because it is absurd to try and put it on a vamp lord because he has to be your general (LD 10 and lore of vamps is required on your general).

So, if you were going to put lore master on a hero vampire, what lore would you take, and trying to get what spell (probly signature), why? and how would your army benefit from it?
Jul 26, 2011
Beast could be cool, people liked it in last edition, because you got Str4/t4 skellies. It would even be good on horde formation zombies, couple that with the extra attack rod, and maybe some LoV spell buffs, and you could be doing some real damage. Sure that is going to be your whole magic phase on one unit, but it could really pay off. The other lore for buffs is lore of light for ws10/in10 units, but other than that, Shadow and death were the big ones, and we can take them naturally.
Apr 14, 2011
Light is amazing for Pha's Protection (-1 to hit) and Speed of Light (WS 10 and In10). Neither is that hard to cast, are not RiP, and can be cast as a bubble which matches well with our own buffs and IoN. Both spells turn tar pit units into anvils but preventing them from giving up so many wounds.

Beasts is pretty nice, especially Wildform. Ghouls are AMAZING with it, going to strength four but toughness five. Its also easier to cast on our nice, new monstrous infantry. Strength six vargheists sound nice? Toughness six crypt horrors appealing? The spell will even allow spirit hosts kill a few things on occasion. Beyond that Amber Spear is useful for taking out monsters, and things like Red Fury and Quickblood still work if you change into a big monster with Transformation.

Metal has some potential, but I don't think we have quite as much problem with armor as we did before. Final Transformation is pretty good against death star units, and Glittering Scales can help some with the 5+ armor bubble. The armor piercing and +1 to hit I could see being really nice on vargheists as well.

May 1, 2010
I believe I might go with Fire, Beasts or Heavens.

Fire is one of the best for this thing. Let's assume our Vampire Lord cannot take the loremaster, so only a Lvl 1 or 2 caster can take it. Lore of Fire gives us an opportunity to get a very good spell from the lore, but the signature spell is the thing most of the time. It's basicly a Ruby Ring of Ruin that gives you a chance to get more magic items and make a bigger fireball, and both of them are exactly the same points cost.

Beasts is good too, because the signature spell is so good. It's a bit hard to cast for a lvl 1, but the effects are awesome.

Heaven's signature spell is good, so it's one possibility.

Personally I'd go with Fire or Shadows, but fortunately the Shadow doesn't even need this power. Almost all spells from Shadows are great, and there's always the good ol' signature spell if you're not lucky enough to get something awesome. Also Death is nice if your Vampire is in the same unit with the Vampire Lord (the Vampire gets Ld10, and sniping with that feels good).

- Cheers, Skarsnik.
May 1, 2010
Flame Cage is a great spell too if you face a massive unit of something dangerous. Fire is a very good lore, as it has some great spells, and if you don't get lucky, you still have the great signature spell!

- Cheers, Skarsnik.


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Beasts, Vampires and Death are my three favourite lores in the game.
Beasts is the best augmentative lore out there. The signature spell is useful on our infantry/monstrous infantry, flock of doom you will probably swap for the signature spell, panns pelt could be good to save your vampire general from a tough situation (but is very situational). Amber spear is a portable bolt thrower with multiple wounds, curse is very situational, Savage Beast of Horros..... is downright barbaric when used on a combat vampire. Cast Savage Beast of Horros on a vampire lord with Red Fury, Dread Knight, Quickblood and Ogre Blade, and you are dishing out 8 str 10 re-rollable attacks that when they wound can generate another attack each, so your vampire lord could potentially dish out 16 str 10 re-rollable attacks. Alternate items to try with it would be skabscrath (gets +1 attack from frenzy and +1 attack on charging in adition to flaming attacks and death shriek) or the sword of bloodshed to get 11 (up to 22 with red fury) attacks at str 8.
Now transformation of Kadon.... this has greater synergy with vampires (and daemons) than any other army, as you get to keep your vampiric powers when you transform.
Imagine a Mountain Chimera with Red Fury, Quickblood and Dread Knight. Thatll be a WS9 Beasty with 4d6 str 7 ASF Poisoned attacks with ASF re-rolls and each attack able to generate a further Red Fury Attack. Thats a potential 48 attacks with re-rolls.

Edit: Of course, you cant fit quickblood in with forbidden lore... so itd have to be red fury, forbidden lore and dread knight.
edit edit: so chuck a corpse cart near it and cast a vampires spell on the cart.

edit edit edit: yes, pts are a problem here, but the kadon vampire takes no items as he loses them when he transforms, just powers, so he should be cheap for a vamp lord. 3k pts with your general on foot should fit.
Jan 2, 2010
First off lore of vampires is my choice 9/10 times but after that these four are listed in priorty. Now that master necromancers are back i maybe using forbidden lore again.

Metal.....my local gaming scene haS a ton of WOC either i get lucky or they seem weak against it
Beasts....love to cast savage beasts of horrors on a combat lord
Fire.....flaming sword of ruin yep +1 wound works wonders
Death....honestly who can say no to a chance at extra power dice from causing wounds


Wight King
Oct 1, 2010
While I really love Lore of Vamps (and this might be the bretonnia coming out in me), I think lore of Heavens is pretty great.

I have yet to use it with the VCs, but I think it would do fine. Rerolling 1s can be hot tech with Grave Guard, Black Knights and Ghouls. The comet is always gangbusters for me, making my opponent move his butt or die. Thunderbolt hits hard.

I've used Heavens in both my Bretonnia & Ogres army. Don't see why it wouldn't work well for us - especially with Lore of Vamps on a necro or two backing us up.