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Loving this game!


Vampire Count
True Blood
It's so quick! I just had a 1,000 point starter game with my long time WHFB buddy (and I think he's sold...) and we were both amazed at how large the game was, and how quick it was! I had nearly the same model count at 1,000 that I would at 2,000 in WHFB and the game was done in about an hour, and that included stopping for a coffee and checking a lot of rules as we went.

I've got LOADS more units to try out next time, I can't wait to get this game rolling!

How's everyone else going locally? Getting some games in?

What about those Soul Reavers huh? Kickass!


Grave Guard
Played an elves/forces of nature player. We played a 1500pt game and it was over in a breeze. He was a former warhammer fantasy player so when I told him 1500 he said he might not have time. I assured him we would. Plus he didn't even use movement trays.

I like running soul reavers with mace of sharpness(think thats what it's called) 2+ to hit 2+ to wound.


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@Blutsauger do you know if this is it for Kings of War in this forum? Is there plans to expand this section? I'm not complaining just wondering as you have True Blood superpowers and know these things.


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This is what it'll be unless interest goes up. One of the reasons being there still aren't any mods that are playing the game, so nobody to moderate a bigger arm of the forum.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Yeah, this looks like it for a while until folks wake up to the mess that is AoS, and then the community fractures for a while trying to come to a consensus about WHFB 9.0 and then everyone finally comes to their senses and starts playing KoW ;)
I have three games under my belt and am looking forward to rebasing my VC to multibasing. My WFB army was themed in a graveyard and so had components from the garden of Moor cut and interspersed in, well with KoW I can make my dioramas even cooler!!!

Some things I am looking forward to, themed allies. I think an allied contingent of orcs or men, which look dark and barbaric could fit well, and fill a nice role. I was thinking these could be the living members of the area that is now ruled over by an undead warlord. Think the barbarian tribes Nagash ruled over in the Time of Legends books. Could be quite cool!

I really need to get my hands on some Skeleton archers, its a shame they only come in groups of 10 :/, might have to think of some cool ways to mix them with other skeletons to make those 10 a bit more. I really like the idea of a few 10 man support units, for extra drops, and a wound here and there, or one big horde of archers!

I am trying to find a model for a cursed Pharaoh that is going to have the fly upgrade, any ideas?

KoW has gotten me back to being excited about fantasy gaming! I have even been looking at the Nature, Dwarf, and Abyssal dwarf armies as a potential second army :D
This is what it'll be unless interest goes up. One of the reasons being there still aren't any mods that are playing the game, so nobody to moderate a bigger arm of the forum.
I'm surprised there aren't more that have made the switch. Virtually the whole US is switching over. In my region we have somewhere around 200 GT players, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, because they represent the backbone of much larger local scenes as well. I can say that in the 4 very large cities within 3 hours of me, all of us have almost entirely gone to Kings of War and it is incredibly rare/hard to find people playing AoS or 8th/9th.
@countulrich Everybody I played with has switched to KoW or stopped playing entirely. I haven't played a game in months, so the focus lately has bee. On the hobby side of it.
Yeah ... I personally got out when the Skaven ET book dropped, I saw where it was heading. Since that I did compete in one GT, but otherwise hadn't played a game since ... until about 6 weeks ago when I started dipping into Kings of War at the urging of my friends.

Here locally, before the debacle our open gaming nights would run 15-25 people, from a pool of about 40 players, and our monthly tournaments would draw 20-30. Many people left for other games, literally virtually no one plays AoS ... and our numbers are down a bit, but guys are coming back for Kings. Open nights now are running in the teens, we have a dozen players signed up for the first Kings of War GT early next year, and more and more guys are coming back. I've got about 6 or 7 games in so far and it's been great fun - quick, fast, intuitive ruleset, the game is really great.
Woah, I missed this section being made, I really got turned of gaming when I played AoS as I sank in to a pit of despair at the waste of my brand new £150 chaos army...

However I have now successfully completed KoW games and I can say that my friend who is a long time GW proponent is 100% converted, we had a 1000 point game in less than 2 hours and we were both novices, it was a blast. No more back and forth with god damn rules books hunting for obscure rules on each model.