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Magic and line of sight

Apr 2, 2010
Hello everyone!

Does using magic require a line of sight? Magic missiles use same rules as shooting, but can i otherwise target units even through solid rocks as long as they are in range? I looked but couldn`t find any note that forbids that.

if i can`t then i`d like to know if i can do any spells without line of sight. For example summoning zombies behind enemy unit before charging with van hels (or is it possible to do otherway around? Charge and then summon zombies).

Or even worse can i cast van hels to unit next to my caster unit if my own models are blocking line of sight?


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
A spell will only require a Line of Sight to its target if it is stated in the rules for said spell. Magic Missiles are an exception to this, since they'll always need to have the enemy in sight before they can be used. So yes, you can raise a unit of Zombies outside of the Caster's Line of Sight, among other things. :)